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Battle of Arras Centenary update - Scotland remembers

Alasdair Hutton OBE, narrator for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and grandson of a wounded survivor of the Battle of Arras, was joined by singer Amy Hawthorn at Edinburgh Castle for the launch of WW100's Arras Centenary programme (Photo: Michael Boyd/WW100 Scotland)

Commemorations honouring Scottish soldiers who fought at the Battle of Arras in 1917 will be held in France and Scotland during a day of international centenary events on 9 April 2017.

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'Safeguarding the underwater heritage of WW1' - UN schools' initiative

Scapa Flow, Orkney, where the German High Seas Fleet was scuttled in 1919 (Photo: Centenary News)

Materials for schools promoting awareness of First World War shipwrecks have been released for the Centenary by the United Nations agency, UNESCO.

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'Congress and the World Wars'- Capitol Hill marks Centennial

Exhibition Hall at the Capitol Visitor Center, Washington DC (Photo courtesy Architect of the Capitol)

America's entry into WW1 in 1917 is being commemorated with an exhibition at the US Capitol Visitor Center, highlighting the response of Congress to both world wars.

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'1917 - How One Year Changed the World': US Jewish history museum exhibition

Leslie's Weekly with illustration, 'I Want You For The U.S. Army,' February 15, 1917 (Image: National American Museum of Jewish History)

A centennial exhibition exploring the dramatic events of 1917 that reshaped America's role in the world has opened at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

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100 Years Ago: German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

German sappers blowing up a building prior to their retreat on the Somme, spring 1917 (Photo © IWM Q 57506)

German troops pulled back to new defensive positions on the Western Front in spring 1917 as they prepared to face renewed Allied onslaughts in France.

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Passchendaele Centenary opening for 'Zonnebeke Church Dugout'

Zonnebeke Church Dugout will temporarily open from July 31-November 10 (Photo © Eric Compernolle)

A preserved WW1 dugout will be specially opened to the public for the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary in 2017, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele announces.

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100 Years Ago: Tsar Nicholas II abdicates in 'February Revolution'

Tsar Nicholas (left) in conversation with his uncle Grand Duke Nicholas, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army until replaced by the Tsar in September 1915 (Photo © IWM Q 52794)

Nicholas II was the first of Europe's imperial rulers to fall during the Great War, forced to abdicate on 15 March 1917 by mass protests in the Russian capital, Petrograd.

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Article: The New Statesman on Russia's explosion of unrest in 1917

Professor David Reynolds, writing in the New Statesman, discusses the impact of the Great War on the 'uniquely combustible city' of Petrograd a century ago.

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Lenin on the Train, by Catherine Merridale

Publisher's Description:

'A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world.'

Read the full description here.

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Centenary tributes to Captain Archibald Bisset Smith VC

Archibald Smith's memorial stone, unveiled in his home city of Aberdeen on the 2017 centenary of his death in a clash with a German raider. Captain Smith was one of two mercantile marine masters retrospectively commissioned into the British Navy's reserve in order to qualify for the award of the Victoria Cross (Photo courtesy of Aberdeen City Council)

Ceremonies have been held in Scotland and New Zealand to honour Archibald Bisset Smith, a First World War merchant ship's captain awarded the Victoria Cross, and the crewmen lost with him on the SS Otaki. 

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Royal opening for 'Women and the Royal Navy' centenary exhibition

Princess Anne with 'Pioneers to Professionals' Curator Victoria Ingles and Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General of the National Museum of the Royal Navy (Photo: NMRN)

Princess Anne has opened a centenary exhibition at the Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth, dedicated to the role of women in the British navy.

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100 Years Ago: Baghdad falls to British/Indian forces

An Indian Army transport section moves along 'New Street' Baghdad during the entry of British-led troops into the city (Photo © IWM Q 24196)

Major Paul Knight considers how a renewed Allied campaign in Mesopotamia resulted in Baghdad's capture on 11 March 1917.

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'National Myth & the First World War in Modern Popular Music'

Cultural historian Dr Peter Grant talks about his new book charting the influence of the Great War on songwriters from the 1950s to the present day. 

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Three more WW1 Victoria Crosses displayed at the Australian War Memorial

Private Patrick Bugden, posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Polygon Wood, near Ypres, in September 1917. His medal is among three newly-loaned for exhibition at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra (Photo courtesy of the Australian War Memorial - H12601)

Victoria Cross medals awarded to three Australian soldiers in 1917-18 have been added to the Centenary display in the Australian War Memorial's Hall of Valour.

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Matching Centenary tributes to fallen Durham soldier

George Shotton commemorates his uncle, Private Newrick Curry, at the memorial chapel dedicated to the Durham Light Infantry in Durham Cathedral. A matching wreath was laid by friends at Private Curry's grave in Sailly-au-Bois CWGC Military Cemetery, between Amiens and Arras (Images courtesy of Durham Cathedral/Shotton Family)

The family of a British soldier killed on the Somme battlefields in March 1917 have marked the centenary of his death with simultaneous wreath layings in the UK and France.

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100 Years Ago: The Imperial War Museum founded during WW1

Packets containing photographs, memorial cards and biographies sent in response to the Imperial War Museum’s public appeal for photographs of men who died in the Great War. These items became part of the 'Bond of Sacrifice' collection (Photo © IWM Q 24093)

The Imperial War Museum was founded on 5 March 1917 when the British Government approved a proposal for a national museum to record events taking place while the First World War was still being fought.  

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Book Review - The Western Front: Landscape, Tourism and Heritage, by Dr Stephen Miles

Battlefield guide Victor Piuk discovers new perspectives in this study of how the landscapes of the Great War have influenced a century of commemoration and tourism.

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'Remembering World War I is essential' - US Centennial Commissioner

US graves at Brookwood American Cemetery & Memorial in the UK (Photo: Centenary News)

The First World War was the 'shaping event' of the 20th century, and America should continue to learn from 'this great tragedy', says Dr Monique Brouillet Seefried, a US World War I Centennial Commissioner.

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Centennial Countdown Blog: 'World War at US doorstep', February 1917

The escalating diplomatic tension between Washington and Berlin after Germany's resumption of unrestricted U-boat warfare in February 1917 is discussed in this latest post from US blogger Dennis Cross.

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'Posters as Munitions, 1917' - Centennial exhibition at US WW1 museum

The year-long exhibition is being held in the National World War I Museum's Memory Hall (Photo: National World War I Museum & Memorial, Kansas City)

A special exhibition illustrating the use of the poster as a propaganda weapon has opened at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Battle of Chemin des Dames: Centenary dossier from Mission Centenaire

Articles and videos explaining the Battle of the Chemin des Dames have been released together online by Mission Centenaire for the April 2017 Centenary.

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Remembering the SS Mendi - South Africa leads centenary tributes

Jeff Radebe, Minister in the South African Presidency, and Princess Anne prepare to lay wreaths at the Mendi remembrance service in Southampton (Photo: Centenary News)

Centenary News reports from the Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton, where South Africa held a service on February 20, commemorating more than 600 troops lost in the sinking of the SS Mendi.

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100 Years Ago: South African troops lost in SS Mendi disaster

South Africa's centenary service for the Mendi at the Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton (Photo: Centenary News)

The troopship SS Mendi sank after a collision in the English Channel on 21 February 1917, claiming the lives of more than 600 South Africans being sent to the Western Front.

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We Die Like Brothers: The Sinking of the SS Mendi, by John Gribble & Graham Scott

Publisher's Description:

'We Die Like Brothers is the first book to tell the story of the Mendi, from both a historical and archaeological perspective, of the men of the South African Native Labour Corps who died in the wreck, and the political aftermath of the tragedy.'

Read the full description here.

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Appeal for information about 15 First World War soldiers

The memorial to Lloyd's Register of Shipping staff who fell in the Great War, unveiled in 1922 at the organisation's offices in Fenchurch Street, City of London (Photo © Lloyd’s Register Foundation)

Researchers are appealing for help to discover the personal stories of 15 First World War soldiers commemorated at the offices of Lloyd's Register in London.

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'Passchendaele Remembered' - 3rd Battle of Ypres Centenary events update

A programme of cultural and educational events has been announced for the Passchendaele Centenary

The latest on commemorations coming up in Flanders in 2017 to mark the centenary of a WW1 campaign fought in some of the most atrocious conditions on the Western Front.

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New Zealand marks Battle of Messines Centenary - June 2017

The New Zealand Memorial, situated within Messines Ridge British Cemetery, commemorates more than 800 New Zealand soldiers who have no known grave (Photo: Centenary News)

New Zealand will hold events in Belgium on June 7 to commemorate its role in the Battle of Messines, a dramatic prelude to the main Allied offensive at Ypres in 1917.

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Article: Flanders memorials to commemorate Irish soldiers killed in 1917

Memorials to be erected in Belgium this year to Irishmen who died during the battles of 1917 include a tribute to Major Willie Redmond, reports The Irish Times.

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France prepares for Battle of Chemin des Dames Centenary

Chemin des Dames memorial chapel at Cerny-en-Laonnais (Photo courtesy of Yves Fohlen)

Commemorations will be taking place in the Aisne region at Easter to mark the centenary of the First World War battle that shook French morale to the core in April 1917.

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US national ceremony to mark WWI Centennial - April 2017

The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, setting for American remembrance this spring (Photo: National World War I Museum)

America will commemorate the centenary of its entry into the First World War with a national ceremony on April 6, the US WWI Centennial Commission announces.

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