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Finalists named for US World War I memorial design contest

(Image courtesy of US World War I Centennial Commission)

The US World War One Centennial Commission has announced the five finalists for the competition to design a national memorial to America's First World War troops.  

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Lusitania Centenary to be marked at UK Merchant Navy Day service

The Merchant Navy Memorial at Tower Hill, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens (Photo: Centenary News)

The sinking of the Lusitania during the First World War will be remembered at the annual Merchant Navy Day service in London on September 6th 2015.

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'Entangled Islands' - New Zealand/Sāmoa WW1 exhibition displayed in Sāmoan capital

The British flag is hoisted at the courthouse in Sāmoa's capital, Apia, August 30th 1914 (Courtesy of Archives New Zealand - Alfred James Tattersall - Ref: ACHK 16604, G49/10, R19162313)

Auckland War Memorial Museum's exhibition exploring the First World War history of New Zealand and Sāmoa has gone on display at the Museum of Sāmoa in Apia.

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WW1 photographer Jeff Gusky reveals his new pictures of the hidden Somme

This inscription by a Canadian soldier from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is among hundreds in the caves of Bouzincourt (Photo © 2015 Jeffrey Gusky, All Rights Reserved)

Jeff Gusky has shared with Centenary News his latest remarkable pictures of underground inscriptions carved by First World War soldiers fighting on the Somme a century ago. Dr Gusky spoke to CN Deputy Editor Peter Alhadeff.

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England's software creatives invited to mark First World War Centenary

The battlefields of the Somme, near Serre, on the 98th anniversary, July 1st 2014 (Photo: Centenary News)

A project has been launched to mark the Centenary with interactive technology offering a 'thought-provoking modern view' of the First World War.

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WW1 researchers open database of New Zealanders who went to war

The New Zealand Division Memorial at Messines Ridge, Belgium (Photo: Centenary News)

Researchers have launched a website aimed at providing a comprehensive biographical record of all New Zealanders who served overseas in the First World War.

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'Scotland in the Great War' - WFA conference coming up in Dundee

Scotland's contribution to the First World War will be featured at a Western Front Association conference in Dundee on September 19th 2015.

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Call to remember soldiers lost on Gallipoli troopship 'Royal Edward' 100 years ago today

One of the panels commemorating the 'Royal Edward' casualties on the walls of the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli (Photo courtesy of Keith Edmonds)

David Crampin renews his call for recognition of more than 860 British soldiers who died when the troopship Royal Edward was torpedoed by a German U-boat on August 13th 1915.

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Gallipoli Centenary: New Zealand pays tribute at Chunuk Bair

The Governor of Çanakkale Province, Ahmet Çınar, and New Zealand's Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mataparae, receive poppies from Cadet Warrant Officer Helena Bethell at the service remembering the 1915 Battle of Chunuk Bair (Photo: New Zealand Defence Force, Crown Copyright © NZDF)

New Zealand marked the centenary of its most significant action of the Gallipoli campaign with commemorations at Chunuk Bair on August 8th 2015.  

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Gallipoli Centenary: Australia remembers the Battle of Lone Pine

Australia’s oldest surviving Victoria Cross recipient, Keith Payne (centre), read the Ode before the sounding of the Last Post at Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli (Photo © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)

Australia held commemorations on August 6th 2015 marking the centenary of the battle for Lone Pine, one of its best known actions of the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.

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Gallipoli veteran HMS M.33 opens on centenary of August offensive

A minute's silence was observed during a remembrance service on M.33 for all those who fought at Gallipoli (Photo: Centenary News)

Britain's only surviving warship from the Gallipoli campaign has opened to the public after a £2.5 million restoration project at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.

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100 Years Ago Today: August offensive starts at Gallipoli

ANZAC soldiers sitting beside graves at No. 2 outpost after the August offensive (Image courtesy of Auckland War Memorial Museum – Tamaki Paenga Hira PH-RES-1471)

The last major Allied offensive at Gallipoli was launched on August 6th 1915, with an attempt to break out of Anzac Cove and a British landing at Suvla Bay.

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'The Road to Bletchley Park' - pioneer codebreakers of WW1 revealed

The story of how Britain's codebreaking skills were pioneered during the First World War is explored in a new exhibition at Bletchley Park.

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WW1 researchers invited to 'showcase' studies at UK National Archives event

Street in Elizabethville, Birtley National Projectile Factory (Image courtesy of the National Archives © File ref: MUN 5/157)

The National Archives is offering an opportunity to share recent First World War research at a September 2016 conference focussing on the Home Front. 

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100 Years Ago: Warsaw falls to the German Army

Kaiser Wilhelm II bestowing Iron Crosses in Warsaw. In the background is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church (Photo © IWM Q 70782).

The German Army captured Warsaw on August 4-5th 1915 as part of an offensive against the Russians across the Eastern Front. 

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Latest Book Review - Executed at Dawn: British Firing Squads on the Western Front, by David Johnson

Centenary News Review: 

'During the First World War 302 British and Commonwealth soldiers were executed at the Western Front. Although this number seems unimaginably high to the modern reader, this is in fact a much smaller number than it could have been and amounts to roughly one in ten of those condemned. This book would be an excellent starting point to the subject and includes reference to works that go into further detail should it be of interest.'

To read the full description and review, click here.



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Help remember every soldier who fought at Battle of the Somme - IWM

Troops of the Royal Irish Rifles resting in a communication trench during the opening hours of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st 1916 (Photo © IWM Q1)

Ahead of the Somme Centenary, Imperial War Museums is appealing for help to complete the stories of soldiers who fought in the 1916 battle on its digital memorial, Lives of the First World War.

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Centennial Countdown Blog Posting for July 2015

The latest Centennial Countdown posting by the American First World War blogger Dennis Cross - covering July 1915.

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France: Projects invited to seek 'Centenaire label' for 2016

Lille: Memorial to the carrier pigeons and their owners who died for communicating with the Allies during the German occupation of 1914-18 (Photo: Centenary News)

France's Nord Département is inviting applications from local Great War projects seeking endorsement by the Centenary partnership, Mission Centenaire, in 2016.

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Gallipoli: Australia & New Zealand to remember August 1915 offensive

Chunuk Bair: Centenary Anzac Day service at the New Zealand Memorial, April 25th 2015 (Photo: Crown Copyright © NZDF)

Australia and New Zealand are to hold commemorations in August 2015 marking the 100th anniversary of the last major Allied offensive at Gallipoli. 

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Tower of London poppies - first UK display venues announced

'Weeping Window' at the Tower (Photo: Centenary News)

The Tower of London poppy sculptures will begin a First World War Centenary tour of the UK in northern England in autumn 2015.

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First World War 'sound mirrors' restored on White Cliffs of Dover

Example of a sound mirror in use at Abbots Cliff, near the White Cliffs of Dover (Image: © Crown Copyright/National Archives)

Two First World War sound mirrors can now be seen on Engand's Kent coast as part of a newly-opened National Trust site exploring Second World War tunnels.

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The 'Mothers of the Missing' and the unveiling of the Menin Gate in 1927

Photo in public domain: Wikimedia Commons

The 30,000th sounding of the Last Post at the Menin Gate in July 2015, reminded Dr Viv Newman of the unveiling ceremonies held in Ypres on July 24th 1927. In an article for Centenary News, she explains how one very special group attended the unveiling.

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Rare WW1 portraits by Hilda Rix Nicholas join Australian War Memorial collection

Hilda Rix Nicholas drew this portrait of Major George Matson Nicholas two days after their wedding in October 1916. He was killed in France a month later (Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial © ART96807).

The Australian War Memorial has acquired a rare collection of portraits by an Australian artist whose work was inspired by her own loss during the First World War. 

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£4.89 million awarded to RAF Museum for Royal Air Force Centenary

The 'First World War in the Air' exhibition at the RAF Museum's Hendon site in London (Photo: Centenary News),

Britain's RAF Museum has been awarded a lottery grant of almost £5million to take forward the next phase of its centenary programme, “The First 100 Years”. 

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100 Years Ago Today: Battle of Nasiriyah in Mesopotamia campaign

The boat bridge across the Euphrates at Nasiriyah, which linked the British military camps on both sides of the river (Photo © IWM Q 34379)

British and Indian forces advancing into Turkish-ruled Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) took the town of Nasiriyah on July 24th 1915.

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$40 million project to 'complete original vision' for Sydney's Anzac Memorial

Impression of the redeveloped Anzac Memorial (Image courtesy of New South Wales Government)

The New South Wales Government has unveiled plans for the redevelopment of the Anzac Memorial in Sydney, including a new water feature and educational centre.

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Veterans honour First World War dead from Trinidad & Tobago

The first of more than 200 Centenary memorial cards being published by the Trinidad & Tobago Federation of Veterans Associations

Forces veterans tell Centenary News about their project to commemorate First World War troops from Trinidad & Tobago on the dates they died. 

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Gallipoli submariner VC remembered in Scotland

The crew of HMS E11, responding to the cheers of comrades on HMS Grampus as they sailed out from the Dardanelles Straits, after sinking the Turkish battleship Babarousse Hayredine (Photo © IWM Q 13262)

Britain's Royal Navy has paid tribute to Lieutenant Commander Martin Dunbar-Nasmith, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Gallipoli Campaign.

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Gallipoli Centenary - last surviving British warship opens in Portsmouth August 6

HMS M.33 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (Photo: National Museum of the Royal Navy)

A restored British warship from the Gallipoli campaign officially opens on August 6th 2015, the centenary of the last major Allied offensive at Gallipoli.

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