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'Storming the Skies' - The First World War in Italy in photos

The Army & Navy Club exhibition includes pictures of British soldiers arriving in Italy in 1917, as well as dramatic scenes from the Alpine war, La Guerra Bianca (Photo © Army & Navy Club)

Centenary News tours an exhibition of photographs at the Army & Navy Club in London offering a rare glimpse, for UK eyes, of the First World War campaigns on the Italian Front.

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The Battle of Amiens, and what it meant for ending WW1

CWGC's Chief Historian, Dr Glyn Prysor, at Amiens Cathedral for the Centenary commemorations (Photo: Centenary News)

Dr Glyn Prysor, Chief Historian at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - talking to Centenary News - summarises the significance of the Battle of Amiens.

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Royal tribute for Battle of Amiens Centenary

Britain hosted an international ceremony at Amiens Cathedral on August 8, attended by representatives of the Allied nations and Germany (Photo: Centenary News)

At this week’s centenary commemorations, the Duke of Cambridge paid tribute to Allied cooperation delivering the success of the Battle of Amiens in August 1918. 

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100 years ago - Battle of Amiens & start of the 'Hundred Days'

A crowd of German prisoners taken at the Battle of Amiens, August 1918 (Photo © IWM Q 9271)

The first in a series of Allied offensives which culminated in the First World War Armistice was launched against German positions near the French city of Amiens on 8 August 1918.

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The American First Army comes into being

General Ferdinand Foch, Allied supreme commander, in conversation with US General John Pershing at Le Château Du Val Des Ecoliers, Chaumont (Photo © IWM Q 58390)

Patrick Gregory on the creation of the American First Army in August 1918,  a sign of growing US strength in World War I.

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Liverpool remembers the Chinese Labour Corps

Wreaths and floral tributes laid at the CLC graves in Anfield Cemetery on August 10 (Photo: Centenary News)

The latest in a series of events across the UK commemorating the First World War service of the Chinese Labour Corps has been held at Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool.

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Purple Poppy appeal to commemorate WW1 horses

On a blustery evening, purple poppies cascade over Berkshire to mark the start of the War Horse Memorial's appeal (Photo © Tracey Keogh)

A million purple poppy petals have fallen from the skies of the UK, at an event launching a new appeal in memory of horses, donkeys and mules lost in the Great War.

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New film remembers 'forgotten' Salonika campaign

'Salonika', commissioned by Away from the Western Front, presented by historian Alan Wakefield, and produced by Khaki Devil, can be watched online at the AFTWF website (Image © Khaki Devil)

A newly-released short film focusses on the First World War campaign in the Balkans which drew in 600,000 Allied troops from across the globe.

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'Making a New World' - IWM opens final WW1 Centenary programme

Armistice celebrations in Birmingham, 1918: This image will feature in an exhibition of more than 100 photos 'Renewal: Life after the First World War in Photographs' - at IWM London from September 21 (© IWM Q 63690)

A season of events exploring 'how the First World War has shaped today’s society' is starting at Imperial War Museums with Lest We Forget? - an exhibition at IWM North, Manchester. 

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Turn of the tide on the Marne - July 1918

French troops and a British soldier escort German prisoners bringing back British and French wounded, 23 July 1918 (Photo © IWM Q 11099)

Battles in northeastern France 100 years ago signalled a crucial shift in the First World War, as the Allies gained the advantage over the Germans.

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The Aisne-Marne counter-attack: America’s part in rolling back German forces

American heavy artillery used in the capture of Soissons (Image: US National Archives & Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons)

The significance of the US Army's actions at the Battle of Soissons in July 1918, discussed by Patrick Gregory.

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CWGC staff return to Iraq after 12 years

The Basra Memorial commemorates more than 40,500 Commonwealth troops who died in operations in Mesopotamia from 1914-1921 and whose graves are not known. Under Saddam Hussein's rule, the memorial was moved from its original site in a naval dockyard and rebuilt in the desert (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission staff have made their first working visit to Iraq since 2006 to inspect CWGC memorials and cemeteries around Basra.

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100 days remembering Wilfred Owen in Shropshire

Wide-ranging commemorations for the life and work of the British First World War poet and soldier Wilfred Owen have been announced in the county of his birth.

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Armistice Centenary - Paris to host Peace Forum

Memorial in Fresnoy-le-Grand, Aisne, liberated in October 1918 after the Allies broke through the nearby Hindenburg Line (Photo: Centenary News)

France is convening an international forum in Paris on November 11 to promote peace, 100 years after the guns fell silent in the First World War. 

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100 Years Ago: Revolutionaries kill Russian royal family

The Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg - where the Romanovs spent the last 78 days of their lives. It was fenced off and renamed the 'House of Special Purpose'. The Soviet Union demolished the building in 1977. A new memorial church was consecrated on the site in 2003 (Photo © IWM Q 70750)

Nicholas II - last Tsar of Russia and the first of Europe's imperial rulers toppled in WW1 - was killed, together with his family, by Bolshevik revolutionaries on 17 July 1918.

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UK ticket ballot launches for Centenary Armistice Day 'People's Procession'

The Cenotaph in London, Britain's national memorial to the dead of the Great War designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was unveiled by King George V on Armistice Day 1920 (Photo: Centenary News)

Britain is inviting the public to enter a ticket ballot to march past the Cenotaph on November 11- and to take part in bell ringing - as part of events marking the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.  

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WW1 British sailor laid to rest on Arras battlefield

Able Seaman James Robertson was carried to his last resting place at CWGC Orchard Dump Cemetery by a Royal Navy bearer party (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

A Royal Navy sailor of the Great War has been buried with full military honours in France, more than 100 years after he was killed in action at the Battle of Arras.

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100-aircraft flypast celebrates RAF Centenary

More than 20 Typhoon fighters forming the figure '100' above the velodrome at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (Photo: Centenary News)

One of Britain’s biggest flypasts in recent years has taken place over London as the Royal Air Force marked the 100th anniversary of its foundation during the First World War.

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Compiègne centenary appeal for historic Armistice memorial

La Dalle Sacrée, or Sacred Stone, in the Glade of the Armistice wlll be at the heart of this November's commemorations (Photo © Mairie de Compiègne)

The city of Compiègne is making a crowdfunding appeal to renovate La Dalle Sacrée, the memorial at the site of the ceasefire agreement ending the Great War on 11 November 1918.

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Centenary News countdown to the Armistice

General Ferdinand Foch, Allied Commander-in Chief: He ordered a return to the offensive in July 1918, capitalising on the German retreat from the Marne. In August, he became a Marshal of France (Photo: Centenary News

A reminder of some of the main events shaping the last four months of the First World War in 1918 - together with an update on forthcoming centenary commemorations. 

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US to sound ‘Bells of Peace’ on Armistice Centennial

Bells will be rung across America on November 11 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice ending World War I in 1918, the US Centennial Commission announces.

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Leeds Minister tribute to lives lived & lost in the First World War

The life size 'There But Not There' silhouettes at Leeds Minster, West Yorkshire (Photo © There But Not There)

Tributes are being paid to 76 British soldiers named on the church war memorial at Leeds Minster as part of 'There But Not There' - a commemorative art installation touring the UK in the final WW1 Centenary year.

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Belleau Wood finally falls - 26 June 1918

Belleau Wood after the fighting in 1918 (Image: Creative Commons & Flickr - From the collection of Adolph B. Miller (COLL/1068), United States Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections)

A reflection on the closing stages of the Belleau Wood battle and the special place it commands in the annals of US military history – and of the Marines in particular. 

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To End All Wars? - Legacies of WW1 conference in Ypres, August 2018

The ruined Cloth Hall in Ypres after the Great War (Photo © In Flanders Fields Museum)

Leading historians will discuss the aftermath and commemorative legacies of the First World War at a conference in Ypres from August 22-25.

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Remembering the 1918 Chilwell explosion

Tributes to 134 workers killed in an explosion at the Chilwell shell-filling factory will culminate in the dedication of a new memorial at St Mary's Church, in Attenborough, near Nottingham, on the July 1 centenary (Image courtesy of St Mary's Church/IWM Q 30036)

The 100th anniversary of one of the worst  disasters on Britain’s home front in WW1 is to be commemorated in Nottinghamshire with talks, exhibitions and a special remembrance service.

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100 Years Ago: Last Austro-Hungarian push in Italy

Italian Marines landing from barges to take up positions on the Piave Front (Photo © IWM Q 19081)

What turned out to be Austria-Hungary’s last major offensive of the First World War began in Italy on 15 June 1918.  

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Raymond Chandler on the Western Front, 1918

Slightly wounded sitting outside a casualty clearing station near Arras, August 1918 (Dept. of National Defence, Canada / Library and Archives Canada / PA-040224)

The US-born crime novelist, Raymond Chandler, was concussed by German shelling while serving with Canadian forces near Arras on 19 June 1918. Chris Dickon tells his story.

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Global heritage honour for CWGC Casualty Archive

Etaples Military Cemetery, France: Grave Registration Reports held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission record burial locations of the fallen and basic details such as their name, service number, rank, regiment and date of death (Photo: Centenary News)

Archive documents recording the commemoration of the 1.7 million Commonwealth dead of the First and Second World Wars are to be added to a UNESCO world heritage register. 

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Memorial dedicated to millions of horses lost in the Great War

State trumpeters of the Household Cavalry sound the Last Post at the unveiling of 'Poppy the Warhorse' in Ascot, Berkshire (Photo: Centenary News)

The horses, mules and donkeys from all sides who never returned from the First World War have been honoured with their own memorial in Britain.

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Featherstone ‘War Horse' honours WW1 sacrifice

The War Horse looks over a memorial woodland of 353 recently planted saplings - one for each of Featherstone's lost servicemen (Photo: Centenary News)

A majestic sculpture of a horse has been unveiled to commemorate 353 soldiers from the Yorkshire town of Featherstone who fell fighting for Britain in the First World War.

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