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Menin Gate Lions back on guard in Ypres

The lions were unveiled at a Special Last Post ceremony on the eve of Anzac Day (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Two stone lions, passed by soldiers on their way to the battlefields of Ypres, have returned to Belgium in readiness for this year's extensive WW1 Centenary programme in Flanders.

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UK & Ireland to share Messines Centenary remembrance

The Peace Tower at the Island of Ireland Peace Park, Messines - setting for June 7 commemorations (Photo: Centenary News)

Britain and Ireland are to hold a joint tribute to soldiers from nationalist and unionist traditions who fought side by side at the Battle of Messines in the summer of 1917.

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Centenary project to honour the Chinese Labour Corps

Four descendants of men who enlisted in the Chinese Labour Corps at the Meridian Society's CLC Project launch in London. Relatives also visited France to pay tribute at Noyelles-sur-Mer Chinese Cemetery in the Somme (Photo: Centenary News)

A new project in the UK aims to raise awareness of the 96,000 Chinese workers who supported British forces during the Great War.

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100 Years Ago: The Chinese Labour Corps arrives

The memorial to the Chinese Labour Corps and graves at Saint-Étienne-au-Mont CWGC Cemetery, south of Boulogne. The largest WW1 Chinese cemetery in France is at Noyelles-sur-Mer, near the CLC's former main base on the Somme estuary (Photo: Centenary News)

Chinese workers recruited to support Britain's war effort on the Western Front started arriving in France on 19 April 1917.

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100 Years Ago: Battle of Chemin des Dames

General Robert Nivelle, the French Commander-in-Chief dismissed during his failed offensive on the Chemin des Dames (Photo: Bibliothèque nationale de France/BnF Gallica/Public Domain)

French forces launched a disastrous attack on the Chemin des Dames on 16 April 1917, triggering a crisis of morale and a controversial First World War legacy.

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Article: French President's unity call on Chemin des Dames Centenary

'It is not a question of judging but bringing together' - the newspaper Libération highlights President Hollande's call to remember all those who fought on the Chemin des Dames in April 1917, including soldiers later shot for mutiny.


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'Face-to-Face' in Arras with troops of the Great War

Pascal Loosfelt, who was in charge of creating the 'Eyes of the Battle of Arras' at the city's Carrière Wellington Museum (Photo: Centenary News)

A street display of pictures in Arras brings visitors close to soldiers and many others who served here during the First World War.

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Battle of Arras/Vimy Ridge Centenary - Dawn tribute to tunnellers

'The Earth Remembers', a memorial dedicated to New Zealand's tunnellers, after its unveiling at Carrière Wellington, Arras (Photo: Centenary News)

Arras and Vimy Ridge hosted a day of commemorations on 9 April 2017 bringing together the nations who fought in the Allies' first concerted Western Front offensive of 1917. 

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Canada marks 'pivotal' Battle of Vimy Ridge

 'Canada Bereft' at Vimy: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the monument was symbolic of Canada's enduring commitment to peace (Photo: Centenary News)

Thousands of Canadians gathered at Vimy Ridge for the centenary of a First World War victory seen as a defining moment in their country's birth as an independent nation.​

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Scotland remembers the Battle of Arras

A First World War telegram bearing the news of a family forebear's death was held up by the Right Reverend Dr Russell Barr, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, during his centenary address in Arras (Photo: Centenary News)

Scotland paid tribute to its dead in Arras with commemorations at Faubourg d'Amiens Commonwealth Cemetery, and a Beating Retreat Ceremony in the city centre attended by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. 

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100 Years Ago: Battle of Arras & Vimy Ridge

12-inch howitzer of the Royal Garrison Artillery and shells under camouflage netting near Arras, April 1917. More than 2.5 million shells were fired in the preliminary bombardment (Photo © IWM Q 7271)

British and Commonwealth forces attacked the German lines at Arras on 9 April 1917, in a renewed attempt to break the deadlock on the Western Front.

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Canadian War Museum commemorates Battle of Vimy Ridge

A heavy artillery piece firing during the Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 1917- from the Canadian War Museum's renewed Battle of Vimy Ridge Section (Photo: George Metcalf Archival Collection CWM 19920085-214 O.1321 © Canadian War Museum)

The Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, is marking the Battle of Vimy Ridge Centenary with upgrades to its existing Vimy display, and a special 100th anniversary exhibition, Vimy – Beyond the Battle.

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'Canadians in the Great War' - Remembered in France for Arras/Vimy Centenary

A plane catches the attention of Canadian soldiers and French farmhands (Photo © Library and Archives Canada - PA001685)

Latest Centenary exhibitions in the Béthune-Bruay area of Northern France focus on Canadian soldiers and Commonwealth air units based in Artois during the First World War.

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'In Sacrifice for Liberty and Peace' - America marks WWI Centennial

100 years to the day after America entered the Great War, the anniversary has been marked with a US Centennial Commission remembrance event at the National World War I Museum and Memorial.

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100 Years Ago: America declares war on Germany

America's Proclamation of War (Courtesy of the United States World War I Centennial Commission)

The US finally entered the First World War on 6 April 1917, ending President Wilson's attempts to stay neutral, as Patrick Gregory explains.

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America Goes to War - WWI Centenary photo tribute to the 'Doughboys'

'Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-1918' in Guildhall Yard, City of London (Photo: Patrick Gregory, Centenary News)

Photographer Mike Sheil's latest touring exhibition, marking the US Centennial of entry into the First World War, has opened in the City of London.

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US Centennial tribute to women of World War I

National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, Inc: Poster entitled 'As a War Measure' offering a long list of things 'the country is asking of women' and a single item that 'women are asking of the country'. American women won their fight for the vote in 1920 (Image courtesy of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies)

The US Centennial Commission has paid tribute to the vital role of American women in WW1 ahead of this week's events marking US entry into the Great War in April 1917.

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Centennial Countdown Blog: US Cabinet backs war

The events of March 1917 which resulted in President Woodrow Wilson summoning a special session of Congress to declare war are told in this latest post from US blogger Dennis Cross.

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'For Then, For Now, Forever' - CWGC marks its 2017 Centenary

Director General Victoria Wallace announces CWGC's Centenary programme at New Zealand House in London (Photo: Centenary News)

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is marking its Centenary year with the launch of new projects aimed at promoting awareness of its founding mission of remembrance in perpetuity.

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'Fields of Battle Through Canadian Eyes' - Arras Centenary Exhibition

'Houses in the Place Hotel de Ville', Arras, Gyrth Russell (Image: Beaverbrook Collection of War Art, Canadian War Museum 19710261-0621)

The French city of Arras is hosting a touring exhibition of Canadian First World War art at the Musée des beaux-arts as part of the Battle of Arras Centenary commemorations.

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Battle of Arras Centenary update - Scotland remembers

Alasdair Hutton OBE, narrator for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and grandson of a wounded survivor of the Battle of Arras, was joined by singer Amy Hawthorn at Edinburgh Castle for the launch of WW100's Arras Centenary programme (Photo: Michael Boyd/WW100 Scotland)

Commemorations honouring Scottish soldiers who fought at the Battle of Arras in 1917 will be held in France and Scotland during a day of international centenary events on 9 April 2017.

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Royal Navy Museum conference charts Jutland legacy

The British & German fleets converged in the North Sea on 31 May 1916 - map from the National Museum of the Royal Navy's exhibition '36 Hours: Jutland 1916: The Battle That Won The War' (Photo: Centenary News)

A three-day international conference exploring the legacy and wider impact of the Battle of Jutland has been announced by Britain's National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth.

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'Safeguarding the underwater heritage of WW1' - UN schools' initiative

Scapa Flow, Orkney, where the German High Seas Fleet was scuttled in 1919 (Photo: Centenary News)

Materials for schools promoting awareness of First World War shipwrecks have been released for the Centenary by the United Nations agency, UNESCO.

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'Congress and the World Wars'- Capitol Hill marks Centennial

Exhibition Hall at the Capitol Visitor Center, Washington DC (Photo courtesy Architect of the Capitol)

America's entry into WW1 in 1917 is being commemorated with an exhibition at the US Capitol Visitor Center, highlighting the response of Congress to both world wars.

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'1917 - How One Year Changed the World': US Jewish history museum exhibition

Leslie's Weekly with illustration, 'I Want You For The U.S. Army,' February 15, 1917 (Image: National American Museum of Jewish History)

A centennial exhibition exploring the dramatic events of 1917 that reshaped America's role in the world has opened at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

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100 Years Ago: German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

German sappers blowing up a building prior to their retreat on the Somme, spring 1917 (Photo © IWM Q 57506)

German troops pulled back to new defensive positions on the Western Front in spring 1917 as they prepared to face renewed Allied onslaughts in France.

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Passchendaele Centenary opening for 'Zonnebeke Church Dugout'

Zonnebeke Church Dugout will temporarily open from July 31-November 10 (Photo © Eric Compernolle)

A preserved WW1 dugout will be specially opened to the public for the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary in 2017, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele announces.

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100 Years Ago: Tsar Nicholas II abdicates in 'February Revolution'

Tsar Nicholas (left) in conversation with his uncle Grand Duke Nicholas, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army until replaced by the Tsar in September 1915 (Photo © IWM Q 52794)

Nicholas II was the first of Europe's imperial rulers to fall during the Great War, forced to abdicate on 15 March 1917 by mass protests in the Russian capital, Petrograd.

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Article: The New Statesman on Russia's explosion of unrest in 1917

Professor David Reynolds, writing in the New Statesman, discusses the impact of the Great War on the 'uniquely combustible city' of Petrograd a century ago.

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Lenin on the Train, by Catherine Merridale

Publisher's Description:

'A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world.'

Read the full description here.

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