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US Navy surveys wreck of WWI cruiser sunk in 1918

USS San Diego, photographed on 28 January 1915 while serving as flagship of the Pacific Fleet. Her name had been changed from 'California' in September 1914 (Photo courtesy of US Naval History & Heritage Command #NH 55013)

The United States Navy is surveying the wreck of USS San Diego, the only major American warship lost in the First World War.

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'Celebrating Compassion' - Remembering New Zealand's WW1 aid to Belgium

Centenary organisation WW100 New Zealand is marking the wartime bond forged with the people of Belgium

New Zealand's humanitarian support for occupied Belgium during the First World War is being highlighted ahead of Battle of Passchendaele Centenary commemorations on October 12.

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Tyne Cot soldiers' names to be lit in Passchendaele Centenary tribute

Tyne Cot, the world's biggest Commonwealth war cemetery, will be the setting for 'Silent City Meets Living City' on October 14 (Image © Wilfried Manhaeve)

Organisers of an evening of music and reflection commemorating the Battle of Passchendaele are seeking participants to help illuminate the event at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Belgium.

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14-18 NOW opens global campaign to map Tower Poppies online

Owners of the ceramic Tower of London poppies are invited to 'pin' their current locations to a digital map for a new project launched by UK First World War Centenary arts programme, 14-18 NOW.

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Call for Papers: '1914-1918-online' encyclopaedia

Academics are invited to contribute articles to '1914-1918-online', an international English-language reference work covering the First World War.

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'Light in the Darkest Hour' - September 9 tribute to WW1 labour corps

The Shorncliffe Trust is hosting a special remembrance event in the UK honouring forces from across the globe who carried out essential labouring duties for the Allied armies during the Great War.

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Centennial Countdown Blog: Pope's peace moves rejected

US President Woodrow Wilson 'politely but firmly' rejected peace proposals put forward by the Vatican in August 1917, notes US blogger Dennis Cross in his latest WWI post.

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Discovering the Unknown - Asian Indian soldiers in the US Military during WWI

Dr Bhagat Singh Thind was one of the first Indians to enlist with the United States Army in 1917. He settled in California after arriving in America in 1913. Dr Thind is among Indian soldiers remembered in a new research project for the US World War I Centennial Commission (Photo courtesy of David Singh & South Asian American Digital Archives)

Stories of Asian Indians who served America in the Great War are being rediscovered and shared by researcher Tanveer Kalo - as he explains here in Centenary News.

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German U-boat wreck protected in the North Sea

The wreck of UC-70 off the Yorkshire coast, showing her 88mm deck gun (Image © Historic England)

The wreck of a German mine-laying submarine sunk in the closing stages of the First World War has been protected on the advice of Historic England.

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'For Those in Peril' - CWGC call to remember those lost at sea

Chatham Naval Memorial, together with its counterparts at Portsmouth and Plymouth, honours Royal Navy sailors of both world wars who have no grave but the sea. All three monuments are cared for by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - CWGC (Photo: Centenary News)

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is inviting individuals, groups and schools to research the stories of thousands of sailors commemorated on a distinctive trio of UK naval memorials.

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New projects mark 1917 Centenary of China joining WW1

China's entry into the Great War 100 years ago is being marked with the launch of new initiatives by the UK-based Ensuring We Remember campaign.

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Surviving Battle of Cambrai tank moves to new home

Tank D51,'Deborah', is lowered into position at the Cambrai Tank Museum 1917, under construction near the village of Flesquières (Photo © Nord Tourisme)

'Deborah', the British tank unearthed in France 19 years ago, has arrived at a new museum opening in November 2017 for the Battle of Cambrai Centenary.

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Centenary visit to France honours Edward Foster VC

Corporal Edward Foster's valour is being remembered with a new memorial near Villers Plouich. Village Mayor Raymond Machut (at lectern) is pictured with former Wandsworth Mayor Cllr Leslie McDonnell (centre) and military historian Paul McCue. Both Mayors' speeches were buried in a time capsule at the site (Photo © Evelyn McDermott)

Evelyn McDermott joined a delegation from Wandsworth honouring a south London soldier awarded the Victoria Cross in 1917, forging post-WW1 ties with Villers Plouich, near Cambrai.

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'Passchendaele' artist Wyndham Lewis showcased at IWM North

IWM North in Manchester, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind to represent a shattered globe, hosts the retrospective devoted to the avant-garde Wyndham Lewis - creator of some of the most controversial Great War art (Photo: Centenary News)

Centenary News visits IWM North's exhibition highlighting the work of Wyndham Lewis - artillery officer at the Third Battle of Ypres and challenging WW1 war artist. 

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Tyne Cot Centenary service remembers Passchendaele loss & sacrifice

Buglers from the Royal Marines sound the Last Post from the Cross of Sacrifice at Tyne Cot Cemetery (Photo courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

The world's largest Commonwealth cemetery was the setting for commemorations on 31 July 2017 honouring those who fought and died at the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele 100 years ago.

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100 Years Ago: Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele starts

German prisoners carrying a British stretcher case over difficult ground, Pilckem Ridge, 31 July 1917 (Photo © IWM Q 5731)

British-led forces began an offensive in Flanders on 31 July 1917 that is still mired in controversy.

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Eve-of-Centenary commemorations in Ypres for 1917 battle

A special Last Post ceremony was held at the Menin Gate (Centenary News archive photo)

Events have been taking place in Ypres tonight (Sunday July 30) on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele.

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From Parsonage to Passchendaele - A British nurse under fire in Flanders

Kate Luard in military nursing uniform outside her home at Birch Rectory, near Colchester (Photo: Luard Collection)

As the Passchendaele commemorations start, ex-BBC correspondent Tim Luard recalls the harrowing experiences of his great aunt as a senior nurse at the Third Battle of Ypres.

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Passchendaele Centenary - 13 war memorials in England 'listed' or upgraded

Now listed for preservation: Northampton's memorial to Edgar Mobbs, England rugby player killed on the first day of the 1917 Ypres offensive (Photo © Historic England Archive DP217165)

A memorial to a rugby star and a monument in a village built for disabled veterans are among 13 English war memorials newly listed for conservation, or upgraded, to mark the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary.

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Book Review - Passchendaele: A New History , by Nick Lloyd

Centenary News verdict

'This thought-provoking book, arguing that British and Commonwealth forces came close to forcing a major German retreat in autumn 1917, should at least challenge some pre-conceived notions about the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele.'

Read the publisher's description and CN review here.

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'Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace' in Passchendaele

The exhibition in Passandale Church (Photo: © Mike St Maur Sheil / Mary Evans Picture Library)

Photographer Mike Sheil's latest exhibition is taking place in Passandale Church as part of the Third Battle of Ypres commemorations now under way in Flanders. 

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'Mud Soldier' rests in Trafalgar Square for Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

The mud and sand sculpture - on display for just a few days, until Friday July 28 - will erode in rain (Photo: Centenary News)

The wearied figure of a soldier, sculpted using mud from Passchendaele, has been unveiled in London as a reminder of the sacrifices made during the Third Battle of Ypres 100 years ago.

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The Menin Gate at 90 - CWGC photo display in Ypres

The 'Menin Gate in Photos' alongside the First World War memorial designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield (Photo © CWGC/Alexandra Baye)

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has opened a photo exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the Menin Gate. 

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The unveiling of the Menin Gate - how blind veterans told the story

The opening ceremony at the Menin Gate, 24 July 1927 (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Two blind soldiers' accounts of the unveiling of the Menin Gate 90 years ago today have been voiced for the charity, Blind Veterans UK, founded as St Dunstan's during WW1.

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July 1917 - Building the US Air Service for action in WWI

US Brigadier General Benjamin Foulois at the controls, Colombey-les-Belles, July 1918 (Photo © IWM Q 70311)

President Wilson signed legislation on 24 July 1917 earmarking $640 million to create an American air force for war, as Patrick Gregory explains. 

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The Good, the ‘Bad’ and the Ugly - British aircraft of 1917

Douglas Gould (the author's grandfather) in front of a 117 Sqn DH9 in 1918, aged 19. This aircraft promised much, but was unpopular because of its under-powered and very unreliable engine (Photo courtesy of Matthew Warner)

Matthew Warner explores the mixed fortunes of three planes introduced by Britain's Royal Flying Corps in 1917.

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100 Years Ago: British Royal Family becomes House of Windsor

Windsor Castle, with a statue commemorating Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II were both grandsons of Victoria (Photo: Centenary News)

King George V changed his family's name to Windsor on 17 July 1917 with a proclamation relinquishing use of all German titles.

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UK sites protected in memory of New Zealanders lost at Messines

The Bulford Kiwi, carved into Beacon Hill above Bulford Camp in Wiltshire by NZ troops to honour their comrades at the end of the Great War (Photo © WYG/NML)

Two monuments commemorating New Zealand's WW1 soldiers have been protected on the advice of conservationists Historic England to mark the June 2017 Battle of Messines Centenary.

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New 'War Horse' reading for 2017 Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

The Cloth Hall, Ypres. Rebuilt after the Great War, it will be the focus for Eve-of-Centenary events on July 30 (Photo: Centenary News)

Author Michael Morpurgo will read a new short story in Ypres on Sunday 30 July at the start of commemorations for the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele. 

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'Lest We Forget' - Oxford campaign to save WW1 stories for future generations

(Image courtesy of 'Lest We Forget')

An Oxford University team is leading a UK-wide drive to find and conserve First World War photos, letters and mementos beyond the close of the Centenary in 2018.

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