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Italian President leads commemoration of country's entry into First World War

(Image courtesy of the Office of the President of the Italian Republic.)

President Sergio Mattarella attended commemorations in Rome and Fiuli Venezia Giulia to mark the 100th anniversary of Italy's entry into the First World War on May 24th 2015.

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100 Years Ago Today: Gallipoli truce to bury the dead

A hillside at Gallipoli with dozens of dugouts, many covered with canvas. The hillside has been terraced to create level ground (Photo: courtesy of Wairarapa Archive 14-50/4; WW100 New Zealand)

A brief truce took place in the fighting between Anzac forces and Turkish troops at Gallipoli on May 24th 1915.

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100 Years Ago Today: Italy enters the First World War

An Austro-Hungarian mountain soldier taking aim with his rifle silhouetted against Alpine peaks shrouded in clouds © IWM (Q 114805)

Italy entered hostilities on the Allied side on May 23rd 1915, declaring war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Commemoration event held to mark the Quintinshill rail disaster

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets Robin Bell, whose father Major Ian Bell survived the rail crash. Source: @ScotGovFM

The centenary of the Quintinshill rail disaster was commemorated today in Gretna in Scotland at an event attended by Princess Anne, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and descendents of some of those who died.

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100 Years Ago Today: More than 200 British troops die in train disaster

Some of the survivors of the Gretna crash © IWM (Q 70009)

A troop train crashed in the worst rail disaster in UK history, near Gretna in Scotland, on May 22nd 1915.

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Eight Canadian First World War soldiers reburied on the Somme

A burial party from the Second Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry carried the soldiers to their last resting place at Caix British Cemetery (Photo: courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Eight Canadian soldiers have been reburied with full military honours in France, almost a century after they were killed in the closing months of the First World War.

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'The Dreamers' - new musical tribute to soldiers lost at sea off Gallipoli

A scene from The Dreamers (Photo: Linda Blacker)

A musical telling the story of a British officer and his soldiers who drowned at sea on their way to Gallipoli is being brought to the London stage in summer 2015.

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Tribute to mark 30,000th Last Post at the Menin Gate - July 2015

(Photo: © Visitflanders/milo-profi photography)

A global tribute is planned to accompany the 30,000th sounding of the Last Post at the Menin Gate, Ypres, on July 9th 2015.

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Book and website on extraordinary letters from the First World War

An author from Kent in the UK, Aura Hargreaves, has compiled a book and website featuring the letters sent between her grandfather, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, and his fiancee - written between 1915 and 1919.

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'Sand and Snow: Global War 1915' exhibition opens in United States

"The special exhibition Sand to Snow: Global War 1915 examines the vast reach of this worldwide conflict, and runs from May 2015 - April 2016 at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri."

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Thousands who refused to take up arms remembered online by IWM

Conscientious objectors at a work centre in Wakefield. The story of Euclid Thursby (front row, second from left) is told at IWM North in Manchester (Photo courtesy of Sheila Lorimer/Imperial War Museum)

The names of 16,500 conscientious objectors were added to the Imperial War Museum's Centenary memorial website today (May 15th 2015) - International Conscientious Objectors Day. 

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Diana Preston speaks to Centenary News about the Lusitania, chemical warfare and Zeppelin attacks

Author Diana Preston discusses her new book A Higher Form of Killing: Six Weeks in World War I that Forever Changed the Nature of Warfare, with Centenary News' Ashlee Godwin.

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Talbot House appeals for wartime photos of the Poperinge 'Every Man's Club'

Guards in the Talbot House canteen during the First World War. It's hoped more pictures like these can be found for the 'Toc H' Centenary in 2015 (© Talbot House/Visitflanders)

Talbot House is appealing for wartime photos of the 'home from home' created for WW1 British soldiers in Belgium as part of its 2015 Centenary.

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New York event commemorates 'In Flanders Fields'

John McCrae’s descendant, Liz Turner, reading 'In Flanders Fields' (© Jillian Davidson)

Flanders House in New York held an event on 12 May 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of John McCrae writing his poem 'In Flanders Fields'

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Centenary Update on remembering the Gretna troop train crash

Rosebank Cemetery Edinburgh: The memorial to the 1915 victims of Britain's worst rail disaster (Photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Princess Anne will attend commemorations in Scotland in May 2015 marking the centenary of the Gretna disaster which killed more than 200 troops leaving for Gallipoli.

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Gallipoli war memorials in England given added status

The 29th Division Memorial at Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire - among those to have had its listing upgraded (Photo: © Historic England)

War memorials associated with the Gallipoli campaign have been given additional protected status by conservation body Historic England.

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100 Years Ago: Battle of Aubers Ridge - and a UK political crisis

The ruins of a German observation post near Aubers, France (Photo: Centenary News)

Britain launched a new offensive at Aubers Ridge on May 9th 1915, triggering a political crisis, the formation of a coalition government and a new munitions ministry under David Lloyd George.

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Lusitania Centenary: Ireland's day of tribute on the Cork coast

Irish troops prepare for the wreath-laying at the Lusitania Peace Memorial, Cobh (Photo: Centenary News)

Centenary News reports from Cobh, where thousands of visitors packed the streets on May 7th 2015 for a day of tributes to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania.

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Lusitania Centenary: More pictures of the event in Cobh

Bandsmen on parade in Cobh, looking towards the Lusitania Peace Memorial and St Colman's Cathedral (Photo: Centenary News)

Here are more Centenary News photos of the remembrance events in Cobh on May 7th 2015 - 100 years after the Lusitania was sunk off the Irish coast.

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100 Years Ago Today: Lusitania sunk by German U-boat

The Lusitania Peace Memorial in Cobh, formerly Queenstown, Ireland (Photo: Centenary News)

The British transatlantic liner, Lusitania, was torpedoed by a German submarine on May 7th 1915, provoking American outrage at the deaths of neutral US passengers.

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Lusitania relatives gather on Irish coast to mark centenary

Paddy Agnew, great grand nephew of fireman James Toale, pays tribute at the Lusitania Memorial in the Old Church Cemetery, Cobh (Photo: Centenary News)

Thousands of people are expected to take part in Lusitania centenary events on Ireland's Cork coast today (May 7th 2015), many of them descendants of the torpedoed liner's passengers and crew.

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Latest Book Review - Dead Wake, by Erik Larson

Centenary News Review:

'Larson's greatest skill is his ability to bring the captains, commanders and passengers to life beyond the page so that they are more than mere names in a history book. It is this, combined with the detailed and objective research, which makes Dead Wake a powerful addition to the study of the Lusitania's final voyage.'

To read the full description and review, click here.


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100 Years Ago Today: the end of the Battle of St Julien during the Second Ypres conflict

Canadian Memorial at St Julian - courtesy Canadian Government

On 4th May 1914, the Battle of St Julien ended after 11 days. It was one of the key engagements during the Second Battle of Ypres.

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100 Years Ago Today: John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Fields'

John McCrae (Image: Wikipedia/ Public Domain)

It is believed that John McCrae wrote the famous poem on May 3rd 1915.

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Lusitania Centenary: Irish lifeboat crew re-enacts 1915 rescue call

Courtmacsherry RNLI's centenary tribute to the Lusitania. The coxswain is Brian O'Donovan, a direct descendant of coxswain Timothy Keohane, who spotted the Lusitania in difficulty from the coastline of the Seven Heads in the background (Photo: courtesy of Philip White)

A veteran lifeboat has been rowed to the wreck site of the Lusitania in tribute to those who went to the aid of the torpedoed liner's victims on May 7th 1915.

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London lecture to examine lessons of 1918 flu pandemic

The interior of a hospital tent with camp beds lining the side, by John Singer Sargent. The painter drew on his experience of spending a week in hospital alongside the war wounded after he contracted influenza near Peronne in France in September 1918 © IWM (Art.IWM ART 1611)

The influenza pandemic which spread across the world with devastating results in the final months of the Great War will be discussed at a lecture in London on May 13th 2015.

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100 Years Ago Today: Gorlice-Tarnów offensive starts against Russia

Russian soldiers pulling their machine guns through a Galician town, 1915 © IWM (Q 53768)

German and Austro-Hungarian troops launched a joint offensive in Galicia (present-day Poland) on May 2nd 1915, achieving a major breakthrough against the Russian Army.

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America to commemorate sinking of Lusitania in New York and Washington

View across New York harbour to Battery Park, setting for the Lusitania centennial remembrance (Photo: Centenary News)

The World War One Centennial Commission (the main US official body for commemorating the First World War), will be hosting two events to mark the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7th 1915.

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Lusitania Centenary: Historic disaster photos on show in Cobh, Ireland

The funeral cortege of the Lusitania victims in May 1915 (Photo: courtesy National Library of Ireland)

More than 60 photographs capturing the aftermath of the Lusitania disaster are displayed in the Irish port of Cobh, as it prepares for commemorations next week marking the centenary of the British liner's sinking by a German submarine.

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Latest Book Review - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania

Centenary News Review:

This is a lively and comprehensive account of the sinking of the Lusitania, and the controversies which still swirl around it. Diana Preston weaves a narrative of intrigue and foreboding that describes how the pride of the Cunard fleet sailed into a German U-boat's sights. 

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