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100 Years Ago: German Spring Offensive launched

Operation Michael: German reserves marching forward, March 1918 (Photo © IWM Q 51466)

German forces began a thrust across Northern France on 21 March 1918, initially threatening to overwhelm the Allies.

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Doullens & London to mark Marshal Foch command centenary

Doullens Town Hall, where French and British leaders met in response to Germany's spring offensive. This picture was taken at the start of the Great War Centenary in July 2014 (Photo: Centenary News)

Events are coming up in France and Britain on March 25/26 to commemorate the centenary of Ferdinand Foch becoming Allied commander-in-chief in 1918.

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Book Review - The Last Battle: Victory, Defeat, and the End of World War I, by Peter Hart

Centenary News review

'A timely and compelling account of the Hundred Days Offensive which defeated Germany in 1918, told through the words of the troops and their commanders, interwoven with Peter Hart's forthright analysis.'

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100 Years Ago: Flu emerges as new enemy

Demonstration at the Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station in Washington DC during the influenza pandemic of 1918 (Photo: Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Division)

As an unusually deadly outbreak of influenza confronted the Great War armies, US WWI historian James Taub considers its impact on American forces. 

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Update on Zeebrugge Raid conference at Royal Navy Museum

Memorial to Sir Roger Keyes, the Dover Patrol commander who led the St George's Day raids on Zeebrugge and Ostend in April 1918. It stands in the CWGC Zeebrugge Plot at St James's Cemetery, Dover (Photo: Centenary News)

The National Museum of the Royal Navy announces more details of its April conference marking the centenary of Britain's attempt to block German U-boat bases in Flanders.

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Tributes paid to the Chinese Labour Corps at Shorncliffe

The remembrance service, co-hosted by the Meridian Society and the British Army's Shorncliffe base, was held at the graves of six members of the Chinese Labour Corps in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery, near Folkestone (Photo: Centenary News)

Commemorations honouring the Chinese Labour Corps have been held on the Kent coast as part of a WW1 Centenary programme raising awareness of the CLC’s support for the British war effort.

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New memorial to British West Indies Regiment on Sussex coast

The Nubian Jak Community Trust's tribute to the British West Indies Regiment: it was unveiled at Seaford railway station by the town's Mayor, Linda Wallraven, and Jon Chapman, of Sussex Community Rail Partnership, with local historian Kevin Gordon (Photo: Centenary News)

Soldiers from the West Indies who volunteered to serve Britain in WW1 have been commemorated with a Nubian Jak Community Trust blue plaque in Seaford, where their regiment was formed in 1915.

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Battle of Amiens Centenary - Ballot opens for August commemorations

British supply tanks passing a group of infantry on the way to action between Amiens and Bonchoir (Photo © IWM Q 56443)

A ticket ballot opens today (March 9) for commemorations in France marking the centenary of the Battle of Amiens, the UK Government announces.

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Lookahead to the Royal Air Force Centenary

The Royal Air Force Memorial, unveiled in 1923, overlooking the Thames on the Victoria Embankment in Central London (Photo: Centenary News)

A mass flypast, 100-day baton relay and the unveiling of new galleries at the RAF Museum, Hendon, are among events coming up to mark the 100th birthday of Britain’s Royal Air Force.

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100 Years Ago: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

German and Bolshevik soldiers fraternising at the time of the Brest-Litovsk peace talks (Photo © IWM Q 86960)

Russia's First World War involvement formally ended on 3 March 1918 with acceptance of tough peace terms at German headquarters on the Eastern Front.

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WW1 ‘Tommies’ launch final year Centenary campaign

Centenary News caught up with the Great War 'Tommies' standing guard at the Merchant Navy Memorial, near the Tower of London (Photo: Centenary News)

Life-size figures of British soldiers are appearing as part of a new charity art project -There But Not There - commemorating the 2018 centenary of the end of the First World War.

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‘Gassed’ in US Midwest debut at WWI Museum

John Singer Sargent’s giant masterpiece, ‘Gassed’ being installed on a specially built wall in the National WWI Museum’s new Wylie Gallery (Photo: National WWI Museum & Memorial)

One of the best known First World War paintings, depicting the aftermath of a gas attack, is the focus for a new exhibition at the National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City.

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100 years ago: Hospital ship Glenart Castle sunk

Matron Katy Beaufoy is among medical staff of HMHS Glenart Castle remembered at the CWGC Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton (Photo: Centenary News

More than 160 lives were lost when the hospital ship Glenart Castle was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the early hours of 26 February 1918.

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Call to share WW1 stories with ‘unaware’ Millennials

Winston Churchill was mistakenly named Britain's Great War Prime Minister by almost half of those questioned for the SSAFA poll - rather than David Lloyd George (statue in the background) who took over from Herbert Asquith in December 1916 (Photo: Centenary News)

UK armed forces charity SSAFA is urging families to pass on their First World War stories, after research suggesting many young people don't know facts about the conflict.

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Latest UK Centenary comment: BBC urged to reflect Allied victory - and was WW1 just?

A glance at two recent articles about the First World War and this year's Armistice Centenary, published in the British media.

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100 Years Ago: War resumes on the Eastern Front

'The most comical war I have ever known', German commander Max Hoffmann on the unopposed advance against Soviet Russia in February 1918 (Photo © IWM Q 24067)

The Central Powers drove towards Russia on 18 February 1918, following the breakdown of peace talks with the new revolutionary government.

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France invites New Zealanders to create Le Quesnoy peace garden

The walls of Le Quesnoy, scaled by New Zealand soldiers on 4 November 1918. The proposed site for the peace garden is next to the existing New Zealand Memorial (Photo by Henry Armytage Sanders, courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington)

New Zealand landscapers are invited to submit plans for a memorial peace garden in Le Quesnoy, the French town liberated by New Zealand troops in the last week of the First World War.

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New Cambrai tank museum opens, March 2018

Tank D51 'Deborah' in her final resting place at the Cambrai Tank 1917 Museum in Flesquières (Photo © Cambrésis Tourisme)

A museum built to mark the Battle of Cambrai Centenary will open to the public on March 15, with the British tank Deborah as its centrepiece.

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Update on Islay's Tuscania centenary tribute

Piper Isobel Ferguson plays at the American Monument on the Mull of Oa, alongside flag bearers David MacArthur (left), from Islay Lifeboat Station, and Gus Newman (centre) from Port Ellen Coast Guard. The memorial was built for the American Red Cross in 1920 to commemorate the losses of the troopships SS Tuscania and HMS Otranto in 1918 (Photo © Warren Media 2017)

People on the Hebridean island of Islay gathered on February 5 for the first in a series of events in 2018 commemorating First World War tragedies on their shores a century ago.

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100 Years Ago: Troopship Tuscania sunk carrying US soldiers

Kilnaughton Military Cemetery, looking out to sea from the Scottish island of Islay towards the scene of the tragedy, was created to bury Tuscania's dead (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission - CWGC)

The liner Tuscania was torpedoed on 5 February 1918 near the end of a voyage bringing 2,000 US troops to Europe - as Patrick Gregory explains.

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100 Years Ago: First UK women given the vote

A blue plaque commemorating Dame Millicent Fawcett, leader of the suffragist movement, at her former home in Bloomsbury, London. She'll be the first woman to be honoured with a statue in Parliament Square later this year (Photo: Centenary News)

Campaigners for women's suffrage in Britain achieved a victory during the First World War, with some women winning the right to vote in 1918.

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CWGC Article: Film producer Guy de Beaujeu on 'Journey's End'

Producer Guy de Beaujeu writes for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about the latest screen adaptation of RC Sheriff's classic play, Journey's End.

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Islay remembers 1918 troopship losses

Piper Isobel Ferguson will play a lament during centenary commemorations for the Tuscania at CWGC Kilnaughton Military Cemetery on Monday, February 5. Private Roy Muncaster is the only American serviceman still buried on Islay (Photo: WW100 Scotland)

The Scottish island of Islay is embarking on events to commemorate the sinking of the Tuscania and Otranto, with the loss of 700 American and British lives.

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UK Government backs new memorial to Sikh troops

A woman pins flowers to a soldier's tunic during a march past (Photo © IWM Q 70214)

Plans for a national memorial in London to honour Sikhs who fought for Britain in both world wars have won government support.

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100 Years Ago: 'In Flanders Fields' poet John McCrae dies

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae and his dog Bonneau (Photo: Library and Archives Canada)

The Canadian doctor, soldier and poet who wrote In Flanders Fields died in France on 28 January 1918. Author Chris Dickon reflects on John McCrae's life and legacy. 

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Record visitors at Austria's Military History Museum

The Museum of Military History, Vienna, is housed in a former arsenal built by Emperor Franz Joseph (Photo: Centenary News)

Visitor numbers at the Vienna-based museum dedicated to Austrian military history hit a new record in 2017 - with the First World War again a significant draw.

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Argonne project remembering America's bloodiest WWI battle

Meuse-Argonne veterans who went on to become leading figures in the Second World War included Douglas MacArthur, seen here receiving the Distinguished Service Cross from General Pershing, commander of American forces on the Western Front. Looking on (right) is William Donovan, later head of the OSS intelligence agency, precursor of the CIA (Photo: US Army/Wikimedia Commons)

A project highlighting key sites in the US Meuse-Argonne Offensive of 1918 has been launched by France's National Forestry Office.

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The Great War Symphony - a 'Monument in Music' for the Centenary

Centenary News has listened in to recording of 'The Great War Symphony' - a new choral work specially written for the closing WW1 commemorations by British composer Patrick Hawes.

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Mission Centenaire backs more than 1,200 projects for 2018

The Monument aux Morts - War Memorial - at Frelinghien on the French/Belgian border between Lille and Armentières (Photo: Centenary News)

The number of projects endorsed for the final year of WW1 commemorations by France's lead Centenary organisation is close to that of 2014, with more still pending.

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Urgent appeal to find British WW1 soldier's family

The grave of an unknown soldier at a CWGC cemetery. Such headstones also bear the inscription 'Known unto God' - chosen by the author and poet Rudyard Kipling who lost his only son in the Great War. A regimental badge is added if an unknown soldier's unit can be identified (Photo: Centenary News)

British military officials trying to identify a First World War soldier's remains want to trace the family of Edward Norton, a Durham Light Infantry sergeant killed in France in September 1918.

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