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Canadian War Museum acquires ship’s wheel from Halifax blast survivor HMCS Niobe

Ship's wheel, HMCS Niobe (Photo: Canadian War Museum CWM 20160215-001d)

One of the few surviving artefacts from an historic Canadian warship caught up in a First World War disaster is joining the Canadian War Museum's collections in Ottawa.

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Verdun, 100 years ago - France recaptures Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont (Photo: Centenary News)

French colonial troops entered Fort Douaumont on 24 October 1916, ending an eight-month German occupation of the biggest of the Verdun fortresses. 

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Mission Centenaire seeks WW1 Centenary projects for 2017

General Maurice Sarrail, dismissed as Allied Commander-in-Chief of the Salonika campaign in December 1917 (Photo: Centenary News)

French Centenary organisation Mission Centenaire has outlined major anniversary themes for 2017 as it invites next year's WW1 projects to apply for endorsement.

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'Far From the Western Front' - Exhibition focussing on South Asian soldiers in WW1

An exhibition highlighting the First World War service of more than 1.5 million South Asian soldiers opens at the Royal Geographical Society, London, on 5 November 2016.

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Munitions site protected in tribute to women killed in WW1 blast

Women assembling shells at Barnbow National Filling Factory, Leeds (Image © The National Archives, ref. MUN5/155)

The UK Government has protected the site of a First World War munitions factory in Leeds where 35 women were killed in an explosion in December 1916.

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Leicester University remembers fallen soldier commemorated with its founding

Lt. Garth Smithies Taylor, a Leicestershire officer killed in October 1916, aged 20 (Photo: University of Leicester Special Collections)

Archive material has uncovered one of the stories that inspired Leicester University's foundation as a 'living memorial' to the dead of the First World War.

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CWGC launches Somme battlefield guide

Centenary News reports from an event at the Canadian High Commission in London, marking publication of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Somme Battlefield Companion. 

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'The Price of a Mile' - Anaesthesia during the Battle of the Somme

Professor Roger Kneebone and Dr Emily Mayhew from Imperial College London discuss the Battle of the Somme with Dr Jean Horton, past President of the History of Anaesthesia Society, whose mother served as a nurse in a casualty clearing station (Photo: Centenary News)

The Price of a Mile, an exhibition honouring doctors who gave anaesthesia and pain relief to wounded soldiers on the Somme, opened at the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre in London with a lecture by military medical historian Dr Emily Mayhew.  

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Book Review - An American on the Western Front , by Patrick Gregory & Elizabeth Nurser

'A story both illuminating and intensely moving' - CN reviewer Andy Moreton on this collection of the First World War letters of Californian student Clifford Kimber, edited and narrated by Patrick Gregory & Elizabeth Nurser.

Read the full review here.

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Article: 'When Bombs Fell on Freiburg 100 Years Ago'

The centenary of an Allied air raid on the German city of Freiburg in October 1916 is marked with an article in the Badische Zeitung newspaper.

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Tower of London Poppies - 2017 UK display dates

'Weeping Window' at St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, during the 2016 Jutland Centenary commemorations in Orkney (Photo: Centenary News)

Six venues have been chosen to host the next displays of the touring poppy installations, Wave and Weeping Window, the UK's First World War Centenary arts programme, 14-18 NOW, has announced. 

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CWGC highlights 'forgotten' Salonika Front

Lieutenant General Sir Bill Rollo, CWGC Commissioner, pays tribute to the Fallen of Salonika at the commemorative service held at the Doiran Memorial on October 2 (Photo © CWGC)

A remembrance service has been hosted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Greece as part of a joint effort with the British Embassy in Athens to raise awareness of those lost in the Salonika campaign.

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November exhibition focuses on New Zealand brothers' WW1 naval sketches

'Caroline Class' by Esmond Atkinson (private collection)

Rare drawings of the First World War at sea by brothers Esmond and Hal Atkinson will be displayed at an exhibition in Petone, New Zealand, from 3-23 November 2016.

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Two unknown WW1 soldiers buried at Commonwealth cemetery in France

The soldiers' funeral service at St Mary's A.D.S. Cemetery, Haisnes, on September 29 (Photo © Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

Two British First World War soldiers whose identities remain unknown a century after they fell have been laid to rest on the former battlefields of Loos in Northern France.

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US Centennial Commission signs partnership deal with Belgium

Centennial Commission Chair Robert Dalessandro (left) and the Belgian Ambassador to the US, Dirk Wouters, shake hands on the agreement in the Pershing Room of the Army and Navy Club, Washington DC (Photo: US WW1 Centennial Commission

America's WWI Centennial Commission and the Belgian Federal Government have signed an agreement to 'share experience, knowledge and technical means' ahead of commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of US entry into the First World War.

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Vigils remember Virginia's First World War soldiers.

Vigils were held in Virginia on 17 September 2016 in memory of the US state's soldiers who served in the Great War.

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Centennial Countdown Blog for September 2016 - the race for the White House in 1916

The start of the American Presidential election campaign 100 years ago features in the fifth anniversary Centennial Countdown posted by US blogger Dennis Cross, published on 30 September 2016.

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'The World Remembers' - 1916 memorial event opens

Names of soldiers who fell in 1916 projected at the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, as part of 'The World Remembers' (Photo: Canadian War Museum)

The Canadian War Museum is among 60 institutions globally hosting the 2016 screening of The World Remembers' - a video project commemorating the dead of the Great War.

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Wreck of Jutland warship HMS Warrior found in North Sea

A still image from the Sea War Museum Jutland's animation of the HMS Warrior wreck site (Image © Sea War Museum Jutland/JD-Contractor A/S)

Marine archaeologists have discovered the last missing wreck from the Battle of Jutland, 100 years after the biggest naval clash of the First World War.

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HMS Hampshire: A Century of Myths and Mysteries Unravelled, by 12 authors

Publisher's Description:

'The loss of the cruiser HMS Hampshire and Lord Kitchener on 5 June 1916 shocked the nation. The details and causes of the sinking have been shrouded by secrecy and censorship and contorted by rumour and hoaxes.Twelve authors with local knowledge have pooled their expertise to sort fact from fiction with an objective review of the many books, press cuttings and copious unpublished records now available.'

Read the full description here.

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Lincolnshire WW1 aviation project ready for take-off with UK lottery grant

Visual of the proposed Great War exhibition in the Dambusters Hangar at RAF Scampton. Opening in 2018, it will depict an airfield with tents, planes, workshop, engines and a large cinema screen for presentations and background filming (Image: Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire)

A centenary project in Lincolnshire has been awarded a £423,500 grant from the UK's Heritage Lottery Fund for a project highlighting the county's role in pioneering First World War aviation.

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Somme Centenary events in France honour New Zealand's Fallen

Prince Charles, wearing the ceremonial uniform of Field Marshal of the New Zealand Army, addresses the national service of remembrance at Caterpillar Valley Commonwealth Cemetery, Longueval (Photo © CWGC/A. Baye)

New Zealand held a series of commemorations in France on 15 September 2016 to mark the centenary of the New Zealand Division joining the Battle of the Somme.

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'The Price of a Mile' - exhibition honouring Somme doctors

Booking is open for the London preview of a new exhibition paying tribute to doctors who administered anaesthetics and pain relief to the wounded at the Battle of the Somme.

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WW1 Tank Centenary - Tank display marks historic 1916 attack

The Tank Museum's model of a Mark IV British tank in Trafalgar Square (Photo: Centenary News)

100 years after the first tanks rolled into action, a replica First World War British tank took up positions in the heart of London for the September 15 Centenary.

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100 Years Ago: UK Prime Minister's son killed in action

Lieutenant Raymond Asquith is buried at Guillemont Road Commonwealth Cemetery (Photo: Centenary News)

British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith suffered a personal tragedy on 15 September 1916 when his eldest son, Raymond, was killed on the Somme.

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Families of tank pioneers mark WW1 Tank Centenary

First World War tank crewmen's relatives at the Honourable Artillery Company in London with historian John Taylor (centre, in white shirt) and Philippe Gorczynski (first right), who discovered the remains of a buried British tank near Cambrai (Photo: Centenary News)

Descendants of soldiers who took Britain's early tanks into battle gathered in London ahead of this week's centenary of the first ever-tank action during the Great War.

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'North Carolina & World War I' - US Centennial exhibition in 2017

A multimedia exhibition marking the centennial of America's entry into the First World War opens at the North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh, in April next year.

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'Conscientious objection & dissent' - New Zealand First World War study

A 1918 cartoon targeting conscientious objectors: The Camp Smiler: Featherston (Featherston: M.E. Langmuir, 1918)

Comprehensive lists of New Zealanders who opposed conscription in the Great War have been compiled for the first time, New Zealand Government historians have announced.

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Somme Centenary - New Zealand remembers at Longueval Sept 15

New Zealand soldiers in Switch Trench shortly after its capture in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, part of the 1916 Somme offensive (Image courtesy of New Zealand National Army Museum - 2007.549)

Prince Charles is to join New Zealanders in France next week for commemorations honouring those who fought at the Battle of the Somme a century ago.

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New Zealand's Western Front Campaign - a 'fresh perspective' , by Ian McGibbon

Publisher's Description:

'Between 1914 and 1918 New Zealand fought the bloodiest and most traumatic campaign in its military history. New Zealand’s Western Front Campaign challenges myths that exist about New Zealand’s effort and throws new light on aspects of the country’s overall involvement in the First World War.'

Read the full description here.

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