US graves at Brookwood American Cemetery & Memorial in the UK (Photo: Centenary News)

'Remembering World War I is essential' - US Centennial Commissioner

Posted on on 01 March 2017
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The First World War was the 'shaping event' of the 20th century, and the United States should continue to learn the lessons from 'this great tragedy' says Dr Monique Brouillet Seefried, a US World War I Centennial Commissioner.

She talks about the forthcoming US national commemorations on April 6, and why it's so important for America to remember its decision to go to war in 1917, in an interview on the US World War I Centennial Commission's website.

Remembrance is essential, Dr Seefried explains, to honour all those who served at home and abroad, to ensure US sacrifice is not forgotten, and to 'educate all Americans, especially new generations of Americans, about the causes and consequences of the war.'

Read the full interview here.

Born a French citizen in Tunisia, Dr Seefried was educated at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Now resident in Atlanta, Georgia, she's been a US citizen since 1985. She's been a regular lecturer on the First World War.

America's national centennial ceremony, marking the 100th anniversary of the declaration of war in 1917, will take place at the National World War I Museum & Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, on 6 April 2017.

Source: US World War I Centennial Commission​

Images: Centenary News

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