USS San Diego, photographed on 28 January 1915 while serving as flagship of the Pacific Fleet. Her name had been changed from 'California' in September 1914 (Photo courtesy of US Naval History & Heritage Command #NH 55013)

US Navy surveys wreck of WWI cruiser sunk in 1918

Posted on on 23 September 2017
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The United States Navy is surveying the wreck of USS San Diego, the only major American warship lost in the First World War.

Six crewmen were killed when the cruiser exploded and sank off Long Island, New York, on 19 July 1918.

Marine archaeologists are assessing the condition of the wreck ahead of next year's centennial, and trying to discover whether San Diego was hit by a German submarine-launched torpedo or struck a mine.

At the time, the cruiser was deployed on convoy escort duties off the Atlantic coast of North America.

The survey is being led by the US Naval History and Heritage Command, whose responsibilities include protection of wreck sites that serve as war graves.

For the full story, see the Naval History and Heritage Command website.

Images: US Naval History & Heritage Command #NH 55013

Posted by: CN Editorial Team

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