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Centenary News Features

These features and articles have been written by volunteers and contributors. If you would like to write an article for Centenary News, please contact us.

'Face-to-Face' in Arras with troops of the Great War

Author: Peter Alhadeff. Date: 13 Apr 2017

A street display of pictures in Arras brings visitors close to soldiers and many others who served here during the First World War.

100 Years Ago: America declares war on Germany

Author: Patrick Gregory . Date: 06 Apr 2017

The US finally entered the First World War on 6 April 1917, ending President Wilson's attempts to stay neutral, as Patrick Gregory explains.

America Goes to War - WWI Centenary photo tribute to the 'Doughboys'

Author: Patrick Gregory . Date: 06 Apr 2017

Photographer Mike Sheil's latest touring exhibition, marking the US Centennial of entry into the First World War, has opened in the City of London.

100 Years Ago: Baghdad falls to British/Indian forces

Author: Major Paul Knight. Date: 11 Mar 2017

Major Paul Knight considers how a renewed Allied campaign in Mesopotamia resulted in Baghdad's capture on 11 March 1917.

'War in the Sunshine: The British in Italy 1917-18'

Author: Peter Alhadeff. Date: 18 Jan 2017

An exhibition at the Estorick Collection in London offers a rare glimpse of Britain's First World War Italian campaign, writes CN Editor Peter Alhadeff.

Focus on Prague photographer's tribute to the Czechoslovak Legionnaires

Author: Peter Alhadeff. Date: 09 Dec 2016

Centenary News views Milan Kabelka's photos, evoking actions fought by Czech and Slovak volunteers who sided with the Allies in pursuit of independence.

November 7 1916 - Americans go to the polls in close Presidential race

Author: Patrick Gregory . Date: 07 Nov 2016

President Woodrow Wilson narrowly won a second term in November 1916 on a platform of 'He Kept Us out of War', reflects Patrick Gregory.

'France at War' - Kipling reports from the Front, 1915

Author: Andy Moreton. Date: 29 Oct 2016

Collector Andy Moreton delves into his prized copy of a book of reports from the Western Front by the British writer Rudyard Kipling.

Painting the Somme - Centenary exhibition in London

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 29 Jun 2016

Artist Hughie O'Donoghue talks to Patrick Gregory about  'Seven Halts on the Somme' - a special display of his paintings at Leighton House Museum, London.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of Lukigura in East Africa

Author: Andrew Kerr. Date: 24 Jun 2016

Inspired by the story of his soldier grandfather and the Kashmir Rifles, Andrew Kerr discusses the gruelling East Africa campaign on the centenary of the Battle of Lukigura.

America prepares to remember - US views of WW1 Centennial

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 10 Jun 2016

As the US National World War I Museum announces major expansion plans, Patrick Gregory asks if the approaching Centenary will raise American interest in the First World War.

Lt General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude – the 'unknown victor' in the Middle East

Author: Major Paul Knight. Date: 26 May 2016

The General who rebuilt British and Indian forces for the Mesopotamia Campaign after the fall of Kut in April 1916 is discussed by Paul Knight.

Centenary tribute to America's WWI pilots in France - April 20

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 18 Apr 2016

As the US and France prepare for a rededication ceremony to mark the centennial of a group of American pilots entering the First World War, Patrick Gregory looks back at the impact of the volunteer airmen. 

Centenary News focus on US First World War volunteers

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 14 Apr 2016

Patrick Gregory discusses how America's voluntary effort took shape in WW1, as a new exhibition opens at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri

100 Years Ago: Battle of the St Eloi Craters

Author: Matt Warner. Date: 24 Mar 2016

March 27th 2016 marked the centenary of the largely forgotten ‘Battle of the St Eloi Craters’, fought in a landscape pitted by mine explosions near Ypres. Matt Warner tells the story. 

'Remnants' - Review of South African artist's Somme exhibition in Boston

Author: Susan Werbe. Date: 08 Mar 2016

Susan Werbe reviews 'Remnants', artist Paul Emmanuel's installation remembering the missing soldiers of the Somme, at Boston University's 808 Gallery in the United States.

Memorials for a King & Country: Plans for tribute in UK to Portugal's fallen

Author: Bernard Hornung. Date: 01 Mar 2016

This article has been written for Centenary News by Bernard Hornung, the Chairman of the Anglo-Portuguese Society - about Portugal's role in the First World War, and plans for a memorial in the UK.

Kortrijk 1302 – Belgian exhibition explores German First World War occupation

Author: Katherine Quinlan-Flatter. Date: 29 Feb 2016

A new exhibition at the heritage museum Kortrijk 1302 in Belgium examines the German occupation during the First World War. Volunteer writer Katherine Quinlan-Flatter reports on the exhibition for Centenary News.

Trench Brothers Project: Focuses on the role of ethnic minority soldiers in WWI

Author: Helen Kelly . Date: 19 Feb 2016

Helen Kelly, the Projects Coordinator at HMDT Music has sent Centenary News an update on their project: Trench Brothers. 


100 Years Ago: Lancastrians reformed as Britain's 55th Division on Western Front

Author: Major Paul Knight. Date: 14 Jan 2016

CN contributor Paul Knight tells the story of the British Army's West Lancashire Division, experienced Territorial soldiers reformed as the 55th Division in France in January 1916.

'Rearranging History' - US exhibition pieces together story of giant WW1 painting

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 23 Dec 2015

Missing fragments from a Great War masterpiece are back on view for the first time in decades at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, as CN contributor Patrick Gregory discovers.

Kut-al-Amara: How & why the siege began

Author: Major Paul Knight. Date: 07 Dec 2015

General Sir Charles Townshend's controversial decision to stand against the Ottomans at Kut-al-Amara in December 1915 is discussed in this article by Major Paul Knight.

100 Years Ago: Celebrated First World War cartoon makes its debut

Author: Mark Warby. Date: 24 Nov 2015

On November 24th 1915.The Bystander magazine in London published the latest contribution from soldier-cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. His drawing, with its caption - “Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it!” - would become one of the most well-known and enduring cartoons of all time. Mark Warby tells its story.

100 Years Ago: The Latvian Rifles go into battle on the Eastern Front

Author: Patrick Gregory. Date: 12 Nov 2015

Newly-formed Latvian units went into action with the Imperial Russian Army 100 years ago to resist a German push. Patrick Gregory has recently visited the Baltic, and tells the story of the Latvian Rifles. 

Historian writes for Centenary News about his research on First World War National Kitchens

Author: Bryce Evans. Date: 03 Oct 2015

Public reaction to a recent BBC News item featuring Dr Bryce Evans’ research on national kitchens has convinced the historian that the British approach to communal feeding in the First World War can have a contemporary impact.

Ernest Hemingway: new exhibition in New York shows writer's World War 1 connections

Author: Jillian Davidson. Date: 01 Oct 2015

An exhibition about the work of Ernest Hemingway has opened in New York - at the Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan. Centenary News writer Jillian Davidson visited the exhibition, and describes how the First World war had a major impact on the writer.

BBC TV documentary explores the Somme with rugby player Gareth Thomas

Author: Katherine Quinlan-Flatter . Date: 01 Oct 2015

In July 2015, Centenary News was contacted by a TV company researching a documentary about Mametz Wood. Katherine Quinlan-Flatter with Louise Bray descibe how this led to one of Katherine's German contacts being interviewed for the programme.

WW1 photographer Jeff Gusky reveals his new pictures of the hidden Somme

Author: Peter Alhadeff. Date: 21 Aug 2015

Jeff Gusky has shared with Centenary News his latest remarkable pictures of underground inscriptions carved by First World War soldiers fighting on the Somme a century ago. Dr Gusky spoke to CN Deputy Editor Peter Alhadeff.

The 'Mothers of the Missing' and the unveiling of the Menin Gate in 1927

Author: Dr Viv Newman . Date: 28 Jul 2015

The 30,000th sounding of the Last Post at the Menin Gate in July 2015, reminded Dr Viv Newman of the unveiling ceremonies held in Ypres on July 24th 1927. In an article for Centenary News, she explains how one very special group attended the unveiling.

Undeveloped First World War negatives discovered in German library archives

Author: Katherine Quinlan-Flatter. Date: 15 Jul 2015

Centenary News writer, Katherine Quinlan-Flatter, describes how her research into the life of a young German doctor at the Western Front has led her to rediscover an undeveloped film of the last days of the war in a German archive.

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