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Armistice Centenary - Update on French events

23 September 2018

President Macron will meet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at Compiègne - and also tour regions of France devastated by the First World War as part of nationwide events marking the Armistice Centenary. 

Armistice Centenary - Australian War Memorial events in Canberra

23 September 2018

A display of 62,000 poppies, representing Australia's fallen in WW1, and a beam of light are among events announced by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to commemorate  the centenary of the Armistice.

Latest Armistice Centenary exhibitions open at IWM

20 September 2018

Four exhibitions have opened at the Imperial War Museum in London as part of Making a New World - IWM’s season of events for the close of the First World War Centenary.

Project launches to trace WW1 Belgian refugees

17 September 2018

Researchers are trying to discover more about the stories of 250,000 refugees who came to Britain from Belgium after Germany invaded in August 1914.

New Zealand events marking Le Quesnoy Centenary

16 September 2018

New Zealand announces more details of events taking place in France on November 4 to mark the centenary of its last major First World War action - the liberation of Le Quesnoy.

Call for Papers -The First World War: Past, Present, Future

15 September 2018

The First World War Network of early career and postgraduate researchers is seeking papers for a conference in Edinburgh in June 2019 embracing multiple aspects of WW1.

100 Years Ago - Last Push against Bulgaria from Salonika

14 September 2018

Allied troops started their final advance on the Macedonian Front on 15 September 1918, knocking Bulgaria out of the First World War two weeks later.

'Diggers & Doughboys' - special exhibition at US National WWI Museum

11 September 2018

A century of military ties between Australia and America, beginning on the Western Front in 1918, is explored through art in a new exhibition opening at the US National WWI Museum & Memorial, Kansas City.

Poppy sculpture 'Wave' in Centenary finale at IWM North

08 September 2018

Wave, one of the touring Tower of London poppy sculptures, is going on display at Imperial War Museums' waterfront site in Manchester, its final stop of the First World War Centenary. 

Chelmsford’s leaf 'Tommy' in Centenary vigil

05 September 2018

This foliage sculpture of a soldier stands in Chelmsford, Essex. Created by the city council for the final WW1 Centenary year, Tommy's vigil will continue until claimed by approaching winter frosts. (Photo: Centenary News)

CWGC tribute to lives lost in the final ‘Hundred Days’ of WW1

04 September 2018

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is sharing 120 personal stories of men and women who died in the last three months of the First World War, from the Battle of Amiens to the Armistice.

Central Powers start to break - September 1918

02 September 2018

A glance at events 100 years ago this month, as Bulgaria was forced out of the First World War, and multiple offensives on the Western Front convinced Germany's supreme commanders of the need for a ceasefire.

Centenary revival for opera of love & betrayal in WW1 France

01 September 2018

An opera based on the true story of stranded British soldiers who were sheltered by French villagers from 1914-16 is being revived for a First World War Centenary production.

Britain presents SS Mendi bell to South Africa

28 August 2018

The bell from the troopship SS Mendi, sunk with the loss of more than 600 South African soldiers during the First World War, has been handed to President Cyril Ramaphosa to commemorate their sacrifice.

Focus on the Hollybrook War Memorial, Southampton

27 August 2018

Britain’s Maritime Archaeology Trust has released an online guide to the Hollybrook Memorial, which honours 1,930 members of Commonwealth land and air forces lost at sea, among them the South African soldiers on SS Mendi.

France & Germany to host Armistice Centenary ‘Youth for Peace’ forum

27 August 2018

Hundreds of young people from Europe and neighbouring countries will meet in Berlin in November 2018 to develop present-day ideas for peace in the light of issues raised by the end of the First World War 100 years ago.

First World War censorship under scrutiny in New Zealand

25 August 2018

The impact of information curbs imposed during the Great War is scrutinised in a collection of essays, cartoons and a video from New Zealand’s WW100 Centenary programme.

Purple Poppy Day launches - August 23 - in memory of First World War horses

23 August 2018

A new appeal for equine charities, commemorating horses, donkeys and mules lost in 1914-18, is intended to become an annual event, building support in future years as a legacy of the Centenary.

Liverpool remembers the Chinese Labour Corps

10 August 2018

The latest in a series of events across the UK commemorating the First World War service of the Chinese Labour Corps has been held at Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool.

The Battle of Amiens, and what it meant for ending WW1

10 August 2018

Dr Glyn Prysor, Chief Historian at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - talking to Centenary News - summarises the significance of the Battle of Amiens.

Royal tribute for Battle of Amiens Centenary

09 August 2018

At this week’s centenary commemorations, the Duke of Cambridge paid tribute to Allied cooperation delivering the success of the Battle of Amiens in August 1918. 

100 years ago - Battle of Amiens & start of the 'Hundred Days'

08 August 2018

The first in a series of Allied offensives which culminated in the First World War Armistice was launched against German positions near the French city of Amiens on 8 August 1918.

'Storming the Skies' - The First World War in Italy in photos

01 August 2018

Centenary News toured an exhibition of photographs at the Army & Navy Club in London offering a rare glimpse, for UK eyes, of the First World War campaigns on the Italian Front.

Purple Poppy appeal to commemorate WW1 horses

28 July 2018

A million purple poppy petals have fallen from the skies of the UK, at an event launching a new appeal in memory of horses, donkeys and mules lost in the Great War.

New film remembers 'forgotten' Salonika campaign

27 July 2018

A newly-released short film focusses on the First World War campaign in the Balkans which drew in 600,000 Allied troops from across the globe.

'Making a New World' - IWM opens final WW1 Centenary programme

26 July 2018

A season of events exploring 'how the First World War has shaped today’s society' is starting at Imperial War Museums with Lest We Forget? - an exhibition at IWM North, Manchester. 

Turn of the tide on the Marne - July 1918

25 July 2018

Battles in northeastern France 100 years ago signalled a crucial shift in the First World War, as the Allies gained the advantage over the Germans.

CWGC staff return to Iraq after 12 years

23 July 2018

Commonwealth War Graves Commission staff have made their first working visit to Iraq since 2006 to inspect CWGC memorials and cemeteries around Basra.

100 days remembering Wilfred Owen in Shropshire

22 July 2018

Wide-ranging commemorations for the life and work of the British First World War poet and soldier Wilfred Owen have been announced in the county of his birth.

Armistice Centenary - Paris to host Peace Forum

17 July 2018

France is convening an international forum in Paris on November 11 to promote peace, 100 years after the guns fell silent in the First World War. 

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