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Article: 250 cemeteries in France to be lit for close of Great War Centenary

27 November 2017

Illuminated vigils are planned at war graves in the Arras region on Armistice eve 2018 to mark the return of peace 100 years ago, La Voix du Nord newspaper reports.

Article: 'There was nothing inevitable about the Bolshevik revolution'

07 November 2017

The Russian uprising of November 1917 could have been short-lived, like so many other failed revolutions of that era, Simon Sebag Montefiore writes in The New York Times.

Article: 'The Contested Centenary' - Britain's Balfour Declaration

02 November 2017

The centenary of the British Government's First World War promise to 'establish a Jewish national home' in Palestine is being 'revisited with passion and anger', an article in The Guardian says.

US Centennial article: 'Perpetuating the French-American legacy'

30 October 2017

WWI Centennial Commissioner Monique Seefried highlights the involvement of many young people at a ceremony in France commemorating the historical bonds with the US.

Centennial Countdown Blog: Pope's peace moves rejected

01 September 2017

US President Woodrow Wilson 'politely but firmly' rejected peace proposals put forward by the Vatican in August 1917, notes US blogger Dennis Cross in his latest WWI post.

Article: Czechs remember Battle of Zborov Centenary - Radio Prague

09 July 2017

An action won by Czechoslovak Legionaries during Russia's Kerensky Offensive marked a crucial moment in the fight for independence from Austria-Hungary, reflects Radio Prague.

Centennial Countdown Blog: Visiting Allied leaders seek US troops

01 June 2017

French and British delegations visiting the US in May 1917 called for large numbers of American troops, writes Dennis Cross in his latest WWI blog.

Centennial Countdown Blog: America goes to war & Lenin returns to Russia

01 May 2017

Two events in April 1917 foreshadow the superpower alignment of the 20th Century, writes US blogger Dennis Cross in his latest post. 

Article: French President's unity call on Chemin des Dames Centenary

16 April 2017

'It is not a question of judging but bringing together' - the newspaper Libération highlights President Hollande's call to remember all those who fought on the Chemin des Dames in April 1917, including soldiers later shot for mutiny.


Centennial Countdown Blog: US Cabinet backs war

02 April 2017

The events of March 1917 which resulted in President Woodrow Wilson summoning a special session of Congress to declare war are told in this latest post from US blogger Dennis Cross.

Article: The New Statesman on Russia's explosion of unrest in 1917

15 March 2017

Professor David Reynolds, writing in the New Statesman, discusses the impact of the Great War on the 'uniquely combustible city' of Petrograd a century ago.

Centennial Countdown Blog: 'World War at US doorstep', February 1917

01 March 2017

The escalating diplomatic tension between Washington and Berlin after Germany's resumption of unrestricted U-boat warfare in February 1917 is discussed in this latest post from US blogger Dennis Cross.

Article: Flanders memorials to commemorate Irish soldiers killed in 1917

13 February 2017

Memorials to be erected in Belgium this year to Irishmen who died during the battles of 1917 include a tribute to Major Willie Redmond, reports The Irish Times.

Article: Cork commemorates WW1 links with the US Navy

08 February 2017

The 'huge' impact of the US naval presence on Irish coastal communities during the First World War is discussed by the Irish Examiner.

Article: The Spectator on 'the greatest hackers of the First World War'

17 January 2017

The story of how British intelligence experts intercepted and decoded Germany's proposal for an alliance with Mexico in January 1917 is told in The Spectator magazine.

Article: 'Russians agonise over how to mark 1917 revolutions'

02 January 2017

The Guardian reports that President Putin faces a dilemma of how to commemorate the events which shook Russia and the world in the penultimate year of the Great War.

'Mixed emotions' on Emperor Franz Joseph Centenary - Radio Prague

21 November 2016

A Radio Prague programme reports 'mixed emotions' among Czechs in the week that marked the 100th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph's death.

Article: 'When Bombs Fell on Freiburg 100 Years Ago'

08 October 2016

The centenary of an Allied air raid on the German city of Freiburg in October 1916 is marked with an article in the Badische Zeitung newspaper.

Article: 'The legend of Verdun'

24 February 2016

An article in New Statesman by Alistair Horne (Author of The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916)  looks at the Battle of Verdun, the longest battle of the First World War.

A soldier's story of the first hours of the Somme - rediscovered by local historian

19 December 2015

Former BBC journalist Howard Benson has unearthed the story of a British army tunneller who witnessed one of the enormous explosions launching the Battle of the Somme on July 1st 1916.

Call to remember soldiers lost on Gallipoli troopship 'Royal Edward' 100 years ago today

13 August 2015

David Crampin renews his call for recognition of more than 860 British soldiers who died when the troopship Royal Edward was torpedoed by a German U-boat on August 13th 1915.

Article: 'Isonzo: a brutal first world war front'

16 June 2015

An article in Geographical looks at the brutal Isonzo Front, and the topographical elements that made the often overlooked campaign here so uniquely difficult.

Article: Australian War Memorial: the remarkable rise of the nation's secular shrine

15 June 2015

The Guardian's Paul Daley talks to the Director of the Australian War Memorial about 'the rise of the nation's secular shrine'.

Article: Canadian historians warn against reviving First World War 'myths'

11 June 2015

A group of Canadian historians, writing in the ChonicleHerald newspaper, have warned against reinvigorating 'myths of militarism and monarchism' during Canada's Centenary commemorations.

The Lusitania - a viewpoint article from Lusitania Online

01 June 2015

Mitch Peeke has sent in the following comment article for Centenary News - which summarises his views on the sinking of the Lusitania. Mitch is a founder member of the Lusitania Online website.

Article: 'Telling the story of American aviation in WWI'

30 April 2015

An article in Alaska Dispatch News explores the evolution of aviation during the First World War, and the young Americans who served in air combat missions before the United States joined the war in 1917.

Centennial Countdown Blog Posting for April 2015

28 April 2015

The latest Centennial Countdown posting by the American First World War blogger Dennis Cross - covering April 1915.

Article: Centenary of the historic 1915 Congress of Women

27 April 2015

An article in The Guardian explores the Women's Congress of 1915, when over 1000 female activists convened at the Hague to push for peace and women's rights.

Article: The scientists who worked to defeat poison gas

27 April 2015

One hundred years after the first use of chemical gas during the First World War, Guardian writer Simon Jones explores the frantic work by British scientists to find a quick and effective way to counter the deadly results.

Article: 'Did the use of poison gas pave the way for the Holocaust?'

24 April 2015

An article in the International Business Times wonders about the reaction to the first use of poison gas in warfare, and what connection it had to the Holocaust.

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