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100 Years Ago: Armistice on the Eastern Front

15 December 2017

Russia's new revolutionary socialist leaders agreed an armistice with the Central Powers on 15 December 1917, suspending the Great War on the Eastern Front.

The US declares war on Austria-Hungary, 7 December 1917

10 December 2017

America extended its WW1 involvement as 1917 drew to a close, declaring war on Germany's ally, Austria-Hungary.

First US WW1 destroyer loss commemorated for Centenary

08 December 2017

Britain's Maritime Archaeology Trust is telling the story of USS Jacob Jones, torpedoed on 6 December 1917 in the southwest approaches to the English Channel. 

100 Years Ago: The Halifax Explosion

06 December 2017

A ship loaded with high explosives blew up following a collision in the Canadian port of Halifax on 6 December 1917, killing 2,000 people and leaving thousands more homeless.

Military Wives Choirs campaign to record 2018 Centenary album

02 December 2017

More than 70 British Military Wives Choirs are uniting with military bands from all three services to record a new album commemorating the end of the WW1 Centenary in 2018.

Scotland honours pioneering WW1 doctor Elsie Inglis

29 November 2017

Tributes are being paid to the doctor who defied disapproval to set up hospitals, staffed by women, to treat wounded soldiers in France and the Balkans.

France names 2018 'Year Clemenceau' for close of WW1 Centenary

26 November 2017

Themes for France's final year of Great War Centenary commemorations include a focus on Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, remembered as the 'Father of Victory'.

Cambrai tank veteran 'Deborah' keeps vigil in new home

22 November 2017

A first glimpse of the Battle of Cambrai veteran Deborah in her final resting place, 100 years after she fought in the first mass tank attack.

Cambrai Centenary - tank tribute at London's Cenotaph

20 November 2017

Soldiers and veterans of Britain's Royal Tank Regiment paraded before a replica Mark IV tank at the Cenotaph in tribute to their predecessors who fought at the Battle of Cambrai 100 years ago.

Battle of Cambrai Centenary events get under way

18 November 2017

A surviving Great War tank has been the focus for a remembrance service in the UK town of Ashford, as Cambrai Centenary commemorations start in Britain and France this weekend.

The Battle of Cambrai - told by The Tank Museum

17 November 2017

Britain's Tank Museum is releasing a documentary ahead of the Battle of Cambrai Centenary on November 20, telling the story of the first mass tank attack in history.

Armistice Centenary - France to invite world leaders

16 November 2017

Leaders of the countries involved in the First World War will be invited to Paris for the November 2018 Centenary of the Armistice, President Macron announces.

US digs in for start of 'long overdue' WW1 National Memorial in Washington

14 November 2017

The new US National World War I Memorial has taken a significant step forward, with a ground-breaking ceremony to get the project under way in the nation's capital.

Zeebrugge Raid Centenary 2018 - Call for Papers

13 November 2017

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is inviting papers for an April 2018 conference marking the centenary of Britain's attempt to seal off German U-boat bases on the Belgian coast.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Passchendaele ends

10 November 2017

Canadian troops completed the capture of Passchendaele on 10 November 1917, ending the Allied offensive in Flanders known also as the Third Battle of Ypres.

CWGC launches new charity 'bridging generation gap' in remembrance

10 November 2017

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is embarking on a new venture, encouraging young people to take forward remembrance of the dead of both world wars.

'Hold High The Torch' - CWGC global remembrance event, November 11

07 November 2017

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission invites people to take part in a global remembrance event on Armistice Day, using digital technology to create 'a wave of light from Sydney to London.'

Armistice Centenary - Australia pledges $7.5m for local projects

03 November 2017

Applications open on 11 November 2017 for a $7.5 million Australian community grants programme to mark the 2018 Centenary of the First World War Armistice.

100 Years Ago: The Balfour Declaration

02 November 2017

Britain pledged its support for the establishment of a 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine, in a letter written by Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour on 2 November 1917.

First World War Italian campaign photos discovered in Australia

24 October 2017

Centenary News reader Vick Kristoff tells us about his discovery of hundreds of glass photographic negatives revealing scenes from the Italian front in the Great War.

100 Years Ago - Italy defeated at Battle of Caporetto

23 October 2017

The Central Powers launched an offensive against Italy on 24 October 1917, achieving a significant breathrough after more than two years of fighting on the Isonzo river.

'Beyond the Battlefields' - Käthe Buchler’s Photographs of Germany in the Great War

20 October 2017

The work of a German photographer who focussed her camera on the home front is being displayed for the first time outside Germany, at twin UK exhibitions in Birmingham.

Looking ahead to 2018 - Final venues for Tower Poppies named

19 October 2017

Six cities are to host the Tower of London Poppies in 2018, the last year of their UK tour marking the First World War Centenary.

'Making a New World' - 2018 Centenary events coming up at IWM

19 October 2017

As well as displaying the Tower of London Poppies, Imperial War Museums announce they will also hold a programme of special events in 2018 to mark the end of the First World War Centenary.

'Away from the Western Front' seeks musical recruits for new WW1 song

17 October 2017

A newly-composed song, reflecting the bitterness felt by West Indian troops at the end of the Great War, is being added to the familiar repertoire, with an invitation to perform it. 

Candles light Tyne Cot in memory of Passchendaele

16 October 2017

More than 7,000 people have taken part in a candle-lit evening of reflection at Tyne Cot Cemetery, remembering soldiers killed at the Battle of Passchendaele 100 years ago.

New Zealand commemorates its 'darkest day' at Passchendaele

13 October 2017

New Zealanders gathered in Belgium this week to pay tribute to their soldiers who fell at the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917.

Centenary conference to explore legacy of Mata Hari

12 October 2017

100 years after Mata Hari's execution for spying, experts reassess her notoriety at an international symposium taking place at City, University of London on October 28.

US Mint unveils design for WWI Centennial coin

10 October 2017

The US Mint has unveiled the winning design for a Silver Dollar commemorating 4.7 million Americans who served in the First World War.

Call to sow 'Ribbon of Poppies' for 2018

09 October 2017

Hundreds of pledges have been received in support of a call to sow swathes of poppies for the final year of the First World War Centenary.

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