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New projects mark 1917 Centenary of China joining WW1

14 August 2017

China's entry into the Great War 100 years ago is being marked with the launch of new initiatives by the UK-based Ensuring We Remember campaign.

100 Years Ago: Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele starts

31 July 2017

British-led forces began an offensive in Flanders on 31 July 1917 that is still mired in controversy.

New 'War Horse' reading for 2017 Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

16 July 2017

Author Michael Morpurgo will read a new short story in Ypres on Sunday 30 July at the start of commemorations for the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele. 

Cork conference recalls US Navy in Ireland during WW1

03 July 2017

International scholars gather at University College Cork this week for a public conference marking the centenary of the US Navy's First World War deployment to Ireland. 

100 Years Ago: Battle of Messines

07 June 2017

The capture of Messines Ridge by Allied forces in June 1917 was a dramatic prelude to the British-led Flanders offensive later that summer.

Rare Ottoman Great War carpet for Australian War Memorial

11 May 2017

A silk carpet commemorating Turkey's victory over Allied naval power in the Dardanelles in March 1915 has been acquired by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

100 Years Ago: The Chinese Labour Corps arrives

19 April 2017

Chinese workers recruited to support Britain's war effort on the Western Front started arriving in France on 19 April 1917.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Arras & Vimy Ridge

09 April 2017

British and Commonwealth forces attacked the German lines at Arras on 9 April 1917, in a renewed attempt to break the deadlock on the Western Front.

US Centennial tribute to women of World War I

03 April 2017

The US Centennial Commission has paid tribute to the vital role of American women in WW1 ahead of this week's events marking US entry into the Great War in April 1917.

100 Years Ago: German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

20 March 2017

German troops pulled back to new defensive positions on the Western Front in spring 1917 as they prepared to face renewed Allied onslaughts in France.

Passchendaele Centenary opening for 'Zonnebeke Church Dugout'

17 March 2017

A preserved WW1 dugout will be specially opened to the public for the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary in 2017, the Memorial Museum Passchendaele announces.

Battle of Chemin des Dames: Centenary dossier from Mission Centenaire

27 February 2017

Articles and videos explaining the Battle of the Chemin des Dames have been released together online by Mission Centenaire for the April 2017 Centenary.

'Passchendaele Remembered' - 3rd Battle of Ypres Centenary events update

15 February 2017

The latest on commemorations coming up in Flanders in 2017 to mark the centenary of a WW1 campaign fought in some of the most atrocious conditions on the Western Front.

France prepares for Battle of Chemin des Dames Centenary

10 February 2017

Commemorations will be taking place in the Aisne region at Easter to mark the centenary of the First World War battle that shook French morale to the core in April 1917.

US national ceremony to mark WWI Centennial - April 2017

08 February 2017

America will commemorate the centenary of its entry into the First World War with a national ceremony on April 6, the US WWI Centennial Commission announces.

WW1 Submarine Centenary: Historic U-boat wreck photos released

06 February 2017

German submarines wrecked on the Cornish coast after the First World War have been revealed by conservationists in photos newly acquired by the Historic England archives.

WW1 Submarine Centenary: UK memorial wins added heritage protection

06 February 2017

Conservationists have upgraded the protected status of Britain's national memorial to submariners to safeguard its preservation for future generations.

'Salonika Remembers' - schools invited to explore CWGC sites in Greece

03 February 2017

A project for schools commemorating the centenary of the Salonika Campaign has been launched by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in partnership with the British Council in Greece.

'War Beneath the Waves' - Germany's U-boats in Flanders

01 February 2017

German U-boat operations on the Flemish coast were discussed by marine archaeologist Tomas Termote at a lecture launching the English edition of his book on the WW1 submarine campaign.

100 Years Ago: Germany resumes 'sink on sight' U-boat war

01 February 2017

Germany took the fateful step of resuming unrestricted submarine attacks on merchant ships from 1 February 1917, in an attempt to cut off Britain's vital supplies.

Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary - UK ticket ballot opens

03 January 2017

Descendants of those who fought at the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele are invited to apply for tickets to attend the UK's centenary commemorations in Belgium on 31 July 2017.

Centenary News countdown to First World War anniversaries in 2017

01 January 2017

The penultimate year of the Great War unleashed events that would reshape the world in the 20th century.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Verdun ends after 10-month struggle

18 December 2016

The longest battle of the First World War ended at Verdun on 18 December 1916, after a campaign costing hundreds of thousands French and German casualties. 

100 Years Ago: Joffre loses French army command to Nivelle

17 December 2016

General Joseph Joffre was replaced as French army chief in December 1916, in the latest leadership shake-up among the big powers midway through the First World War.

Cyclists rally for 'India Remembers' commemorative ride

16 December 2016

Cyclists from Pune have rallied for a 130-kilometre (80-mile) bike ride as part of an initiative to promote remembrance of India's war dead since 1914.

Bucharest falls to the Central Powers - December 6 1916

06 December 2016

Bucharest became the latest European capital to fall to the Central Powers during the Great War when German-led troops entered the city 100 years ago.

100 Years Ago: Battle of the Somme ends

18 November 2016

The Battle of the Somme drew to a close on 18 November 1916 after more than four months of fighting, and more than a million casualties on all sides.

Verdun, 100 years ago - France recaptures Fort Douaumont

24 October 2016

French colonial troops entered Fort Douaumont on 24 October 1916, ending an eight-month German occupation of the biggest of the Verdun fortresses. 

CWGC launches Somme battlefield guide

13 October 2016

Centenary News reports from an event at the Canadian High Commission in London, marking publication of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Somme Battlefield Companion. 

CWGC highlights 'forgotten' Salonika Front

06 October 2016

A remembrance service has been hosted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Greece as part of a joint effort with the British Embassy in Athens to raise awareness of those lost in the Salonika campaign.

Lincolnshire WW1 aviation project ready for take-off with UK lottery grant

26 September 2016

A centenary project in Lincolnshire has been awarded a £423,500 grant from the UK's Heritage Lottery Fund for a project highlighting the county's role in pioneering First World War aviation.

Somme Centenary events in France honour New Zealand's Fallen

19 September 2016

New Zealand held a series of commemorations in France on 15 September 2016 to mark the centenary of the New Zealand Division joining the Battle of the Somme.

Somme Centenary - New Zealand remembers at Longueval Sept 15

07 September 2016

Prince Charles is to join New Zealanders in France next week for commemorations honouring those who fought at the Battle of the Somme a century ago.

100 Years Ago Today: First German airship shot down over UK

03 September 2016

William Leefe Robinson became the first British pilot to shoot down a German airship over England in the early hours of September 3rd 1916.

100 Years Ago: Hindenburg & Ludendorff take over in German high command reshuffle

29 August 2016

Field Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff took over command of the German Army on August 29th 1916, dominating Germany's military leadership for the rest of the First World War.

100 Years Ago Today: Romania enters First World War

27 August 2016

Romanian troops attacked Transylvania on August 27th 1916, opening a new front against Austria-Hungary in the Balkans.

Three unknown soldiers buried as Australia marks Pozières Centenary

26 July 2016

Australia has remembered its first action on the Somme with commemorations on July 23rd marking the Battle of Pozières in the summer of 1916.

'India Remembers' - campaign to highlight Indian sacrifice since 1914

24 July 2016

A campaign 'to transform the culture of remembrance' in India has been launched in Delhi on the centenary of a noted Indian cavalry charge during the Battle of the Somme.

Somme Centenary: Memorial honouring all South Africans unveiled at Delville Wood

19 July 2016

President Jacob Zuma inaugurated a new memorial at Delville Wood on July 12th 2016 honouring South Africans of all races who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of the Somme

01 July 2016

One of the most controversial battles of the First World War started on July 1st 1916, with a massive British-led attack on German positions in the Somme region of Northern France.

100 Years Ago: German offensives peak at Verdun

23 June 2016

French troops defending Verdun came under renewed pressure in June-July 1916 as the German Army made its closest advances to the town.

100 Years Ago: Russia's Brusilov Offensive on Eastern Front

04 June 2016

General Aleksei Brusilov launched one of Russia's most successful attacks of the Great War on June 4th 1916, advancing against Austro-Hungarian forces in present-day Western Ukraine.

CWGC marks Siege of Kut Centenary

30 April 2016

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has published an article and audio clips on its website, remembering the fall of Kut 100 years ago.

100 Years Ago Today: Siege of Kut ends in Ottoman victory

29 April 2016

The Ottoman Army captured the Mesopotamian town of Kut-al-Amara on April 29th 1916 when British-led forces surrendered after almost five months under siege. 

IWM focus on historic Somme film for 2016 Centenary

22 April 2016

The pioneering documentary,The Battle of the Somme, is at the centre of Imperial War Museums' events marking the centenary of the 1916 offensive.

Centenary study doubles New Zealand troop numbers at Gallipoli

31 March 2016

The number of New Zealanders who fought at Gallipoli is 'certain to have been more than 16,000', military historians in New Zealand say. 

100 Years Ago: Russia's Lake Naroch offensive against the German Army

18 March 2016

Russia attacked on the Eastern Front on March 18th 1916, in a failed attempt to ease German pressure on France at Verdun.

100 Years Ago Today - Fort Douaumont falls at Battle of Verdun

25 February 2016

French forces defending Verdun suffered a disaster on February 25th 1916, when the biggest of the fortresses fell to a few German troops without a fight.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of Verdun starts

21 February 2016

A massive artillery bombardment on the morning of February 21st 1916 signalled the start of the German attack on Verdun, the longest single battle of the First World War.

100 years ago in Caucasus campaign - Erzurum falls to Russia

16 February 2016

Russian troops captured the fortress town of Erzurum on February 16th 1916, a month after launching a surprise midwinter offensive against Turkey.

100 Years Ago Today: The Gallipoli campaign ends

09 January 2016

The last Allied positions were evacuated at Cape Helles on January 9th 1916, ending the controversial Gallipoli campaign.

Focus on Marmolada Grande Guerra: Italian museum remembering Alpine war

27 December 2015

Centenary News profiles Marmolada Grande Guerra, a museum remembering Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops who fought in the ice and snow of the Dolomite Mountains.

100 Years Ago Today: Last Allied soldiers leave Anzac Cove & Suvla

20 December 2015

The withdrawal of Allied troops from Suvla and Anzac Cove on Turkey's Gallipoli peninsula was completed on December 20th 1915. 

100 Years Ago Today: Sir Douglas Haig takes over British command on the Western Front

19 December 2015

General Sir Douglas Haig succeeded Field Marshal Sir John French as commander-in-chief of British forces in France and Flanders on December 19th 1915.

100 Years Ago Today: British ministers order Gallipoli pull-out

07 December 2015

The British Government ordered the withdrawal of Allied troops from Anzac Cove and Suvla on December 7th 1915, signalling the end of the Gallipoli campaign.

100 Years Ago Today: Ottoman siege of Kut starts in Mesopotamia

07 December 2015

Ottoman troops trapped a British-Indian force in the town of Kut-al-Amara on December 7th 1915, heralding a siege that lasted almost five months. 

Gallipoli Centenary Education Project completes battlefield tours programme

06 December 2015

Staff and students from a Devon school in the UK have visited the battlefields of the Dardanelles on the third and final tour of a programme organised by the Gallipoli Centenary Education Project.

VC soldier's 'shovel' rescue of Gallipoli comrade remembered

27 November 2015

The heroism of a British soldier awarded the Victoria Cross for rescuing a wounded comrade under fire at Gallipoli is remembered on a new memorial in his home town of Reading.

100 Years Ago: Ottomans halt British/Indian advance in Mesopotamia

22 November 2015

British and Indian troops were halted in their march towards Baghdad at the Battle of Ctesiphon from November 22nd-25th 1915.

100 years Ago: UK War Minister backs Gallipoli pull-out & Churchill resigns

19 November 2015

Britain's War Minister, Lord Kitchener, visited Gallipoli and Winston Churchill left the Government in November 1915 amid fading support for the Dardanelles campaign.

100 Years Ago: Gallipoli commander Sir Ian Hamilton ordered home

16 October 2015

General Sir Ian Hamilton, British commander-in-chief at Gallipoli, was recalled on October 16th 1915 amid arguments about the future of the campaign.

100 years ago: Belgrade falls, Bulgaria enters war & Allies land at Salonika

09 October 2015

The Central Powers captured Belgrade on October 9th 1915 as the Allies launched a belated attempt to help Serbia by landing troops in neighbouring Greece.

100 Years Ago Today: Kut falls to British/Indian force in Mesopotamia

28 September 2015

British and Indian forces captured the town of Kut al-Amara on September 28th 1915 during their advance up the Tigris Valley towards Baghdad.


100 Years Ago: Tsar Nicholas takes Russian supreme command

10 September 2015

Russia entered September 1915 with Tsar Nicholas II as the new commander-in-chief of his armies, replacing Grand Duke Nicholas, a fellow member of the royal family.

100 Years Ago Today: August offensive starts at Gallipoli

06 August 2015

The last major Allied offensive at Gallipoli was launched on August 6th 1915, with an attempt to break out of Anzac Cove and a British landing at Suvla Bay.

100 Years Ago: Warsaw falls to the German Army

04 August 2015

The German Army captured Warsaw on August 4-5th 1915 as part of an offensive against the Russians across the Eastern Front. 

100 Years Ago Today: the start of the First Battle of Isonzo

23 June 2015

On June 23rd 1915, Italy began the First Battle of Isonzo by launching an offensive from northeast Italy across the border into Austria-Hungary.

100 Years Ago Today: Russians ousted from Przemyśl

03 June 2015

German and Austro-Hungarian forces recaptured the fortress town of Przemyśl in southern Poland on June 3rd 1915.

Online project explores Middle Eastern front during First World War

02 June 2015

Cardiff University is leading the project 'Vews of an Antique Land' that aims to bring attention to the First World War campaigns in Egypt and Palestine, and honour the men who fought in them.

Italian President leads commemoration of country's entry into First World War

25 May 2015

President Sergio Mattarella attended commemorations in Rome and Fiuli Venezia Giulia to mark the 100th anniversary of Italy's entry into the First World War on May 24th 2015.

100 Years Ago Today: Allied troops land at Gallipoli

25 April 2015

One of the most controversial campaigns of the First World War began on April 25th 1915, when the Allied powers invaded the Gallipoli peninsula with the aim of knocking Turkey out of the war.

Edinburgh petition for centenary memorial to conscientious objectors

30 March 2015

Campaigners are calling for the creation of a memorial to conscientious objectors in Edinburgh in 2016, the centenary of Britain introducing conscription during the First World War.

'Dying for Trento': new exhibition remembers the Italian Front

24 March 2015

A new Italian exhibition explores the lengthy campaign between Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces in the Alps.

'Walk of Peace'- border trail between Italy and Slovenia commemorates the Isonzo Front

23 March 2015

Italy and Slovenia launched a cross-border trail, the Walk of Peace, on March 21st 2015 to remember the battles on the Isonzo Front during the First World War.

Turkey starts programme of events to mark Centenary of Gallipoli campaign

19 March 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan leads commemoration of Gallipoli campaign.

100 Years Ago Today: Germany intensifies U-boat war

04 February 2015

Germany stepped up its submarine campaign, with a warning on February 4th 1915 that all merchant ships in the seas around the British Isles risked attack without warning.

Campaign to recognise sacrifice of Gallipoli reinforcements

21 January 2015

David Crampin has shared with Centenary News a piece about the troopship Royal Edward and his campaign to ensure the men who gave their lives receive equal and just recognition.

Descendants of Gallipoli campaign invited to take part in London commemoration event

20 January 2015

Descendants of the Galipoli campaign have been invited by the British government to take part in a commemoration event - to be held in London in April 2015

100 Years Ago Today: The First Battle of Champagne

20 December 2014

The First Battle of Champagne began on December 20th 1914 in the Champagne region of France. It was the first offensive by the Allies since initiation of trench warfare on the Western Front. 

The World War I in Africa Project: A visual exploration of an overlooked history

19 November 2014

'The World War I in Africa Project' has been launched to provide information on one of the most overlooked theatres of the war: Africa. 

Kenya remembers start of East Africa campaign in 1914

01 September 2014

The spread of the First World War to East Africa has been remembered with a series of Centenary events in Kenya.

UK wide poppy planting scheme to go ahead after funding difficulties

12 September 2013

The Royal British Legion has announced that the Centenary Poppy Scheme - which recently failed in its application for funding support from Heritage Lottery Fund - will go ahead.

Campaign to plant poppies for First World War Centenary in English county goes global

05 September 2013

A Facebook campaign by a man in Huntingdonshire, England, to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, has led to plans for poppy fields to be sown around the world.

Academics, actors and politicians are among those who criticise Britain's plans to mark the Centenary of the First World War

21 May 2013

A wide ranging group of British public figures have signed an open letter, criticising the nature of national Centenary plans in Britain.

Articles & Blogs

From Parsonage to Passchendaele - A British nurse under fire in Flanders

30 July 2017

As the Passchendaele commemorations start, ex-BBC correspondent Tim Luard recalls the harrowing experiences of his great aunt as a senior nurse at the Third Battle of Ypres.

July 1917 - Building the US Air Service for action in WWI

24 July 2017

President Wilson signed legislation on 24 July 1917 earmarking $640 million to create an American air force for war, as Patrick Gregory explains. 

General Pershing arrives - 13 June 1917

13 June 2017

100 years ago today: US commander General John Pershing was welcomed enthusiastically in France, as Patrick Gregory reports.

100 Years Ago: Americans register for Great War draft

11 June 2017

In June 1917, millions of American men went to their local draft boards to register under the Selective Service Act – the first step in a conscription process for WWI.

100 Years Ago: Britain’s Mercantile Marine and its first convoys

15 May 2017

Britain introduced transatlantic convoys in May 1917 to protect merchant ships from an increasingly dangerous German U-boat campaign.


100 Years Ago: America declares war on Germany

06 April 2017

The US finally entered the First World War on 6 April 1917, ending President Wilson's attempts to stay neutral, as Patrick Gregory explains.

Centennial Countdown Blog: US Cabinet backs war

02 April 2017

The events of March 1917 which resulted in President Woodrow Wilson summoning a special session of Congress to declare war are told in this latest post from US blogger Dennis Cross.

100 Years Ago: Baghdad falls to British/Indian forces

11 March 2017

Major Paul Knight considers how a renewed Allied campaign in Mesopotamia resulted in Baghdad's capture on 11 March 1917.

Focus on Prague photographer's tribute to the Czechoslovak Legionnaires

09 December 2016

Centenary News views Milan Kabelka's photos, evoking actions fought by Czech and Slovak volunteers who sided with the Allies in pursuit of independence.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of Lukigura in East Africa

24 June 2016

Inspired by the story of his soldier grandfather and the Kashmir Rifles, Andrew Kerr discusses the gruelling East Africa campaign on the centenary of the Battle of Lukigura.

Lt General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude – the 'unknown victor' in the Middle East

26 May 2016

The General who rebuilt British and Indian forces for the Mesopotamia Campaign after the fall of Kut in April 1916 is discussed by Paul Knight.

Centenary tribute to America's WWI pilots in France - April 20

18 April 2016

As the US and France prepare for a rededication ceremony to mark the centennial of a group of American pilots entering the First World War, Patrick Gregory looks back at the impact of the volunteer airmen. 

100 Years Ago: Lancastrians reformed as Britain's 55th Division on Western Front

14 January 2016

CN contributor Paul Knight tells the story of the British Army's West Lancashire Division, experienced Territorial soldiers reformed as the 55th Division in France in January 1916.

Kut-al-Amara: How & why the siege began

07 December 2015

General Sir Charles Townshend's controversial decision to stand against the Ottomans at Kut-al-Amara in December 1915 is discussed in this article by Major Paul Knight.

100 Years Ago: The Latvian Rifles go into battle on the Eastern Front

12 November 2015

Newly-formed Latvian units went into action with the Imperial Russian Army 100 years ago to resist a German push. Patrick Gregory has recently visited the Baltic, and tells the story of the Latvian Rifles. 

Campaign to recognise the sacrifice of Gallipoli reinforcements on torpedoed troopship

21 January 2015

David Crampin has shared with Centenary News a piece about the ship Royal Edward which was torpedoed on its way to Gallipoli and his campaign to ensure those whoe died receive recognition. 


'No Glory in War 1914-1918' campaign launch video

09 September 2013

The Stop the War Coalition has uploaded a video to its YouTube page of the launch of the No Glory in War 1914-1918 campaign, which criticises the nature UK Centenary plans.


Book Review - The Western Front: Landscape, Tourism and Heritage

03 March 2017

Battlefield guide Victor Piuk discovers new perspectives in this study of how the landscapes of the Great War have influenced a century of commemoration and tourism.

War Beneath the Waves: U-boat Flottilla Flandern 1915-18

01 February 2017

Centenary News verdict

'Belgian marine archaeologist Tomas Termote has amassed a wealth of information, personal stories, and rare photos for this encyclopaedic history of Germany's U-boat crews on the Flemish coast. The author's newly-published English edition provides a welcome insight into the German side of the story for an Anglophone readership.'

Read the full description here.

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