CWGC Article: Film producer Guy de Beaujeu on 'Journey's End'

Posted on on 05 February 2018
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Producer Guy de Beaujeu writes for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about the latest film adaptation of RC Sheriff's classic play, Journey's End.

The story is set in March 1918 as British troops prepared to face the last major German offensives of the First World War.

"When I first read the play of Journey's End, I was immediately struck by its humanity, " de Beaujeu says. "To me it felt like a project that would work across ages, gender and classes. I was excited that through the medium of film, we could bring WW1 to a younger audience at a crucial time in the centenary."

Read the full article, Journey's End - A Producer's Perspectiveon CWGC's new blog site, Around the Commission.

Journey's End was released nationwide in the UK on 2 February 2018.